【ROND】Blockchain Bridging has now launched!

【ROND】Blockchain Bridging has now launched!

GensoKishi Online has collaborated with ConsenSys, the developers of renowned MetaMask wallet, and have developed a blockchain bridge for ROND!

What is a Bridge in crypto?

A crypto bridge is a technology that allows users to transfer digital assets from one blockchain network to another. As different blockchain networks use their own tokens or cryptocurrencies, a bridge is required to send or receive tokens between different networks. With the bridge technology, interoperability of tokens between different blockchain networks has improved, allowing users to transfer tokens more freely and efficiently. There are 2 blockchain networks for each MV and ROND, MV(ERC20) and MV(Polygon) / ROND(ERC20) and ROND(Polygon). As for both MV and ROND, the blockchain bridge will allow users to port “Polygon to ERC20” and “ERC20 to Polygon.”

To utilize the blockchain bridge, please follow the instructions below:

【ROND Bridge】

As for ROND, the blockchain bridge will allow users to port “Polygon to ERC20” and “ERC20 to Polygon.”

Bridge activation URL:

Contract address for ROND (ERC20):

Contract address for ROND (Polygon):

【How to port ROND (ERC20) to ROND (Polygon)】

  1. Access https://app.multichain.org/#/router
  2. Open your MetaMask wallet, and set the MetaMask Wallet to the Ethereum Network. Then activate the connection on the MetaMask wallet.

  3. Select ROND in the “From” field.

  1. The rest will be set automatically. Enter the number of RONDs you want to swap in the “From” and “To” fields and press the “Swap” button. ※ There will be a gas fee and handling fee to use the bridge tool. ※ There have been many reports of hacking incidents during blockchain bridging from other projects, and we recommend that you conduct the bridging with great care. For example, do not tell a third party or public announce that you are going to use the blockchain bridge.

【How to port ROND (Polygon) to ROND (ERC20)】

You will need to reverse the settings explained above in “ROND (ERC20) to ROND (Polygon).” Please make sure you change the settings to ROND (Polygon) in order to transfer to ROND (ERC20).


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Gensokishi Online will continue to provide cryptogame enthusiasts with updates on this project.

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