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【GENSO Creator’s Program】
UGC Contest

Simple way to create your own 3D design!

*This is just one way of doing it. Feel free to use other methods as well.

We are accepting submissions for the 3D model design of one "Cosplay Equipment" part that can be equipped in GensoKishi Online. Participating companies that have sponsored this event will evaluate entries submitted during the period and select the winning design. We look forward to everyone's participation!

3rd UGC Contest

* Entries are now closed.
Judging Period
March 4(Monday) to March 11, 2024 Scheduled
Winner Announcements
March 12, 2024 (Tuesday) Scheduled
Prize Award
Starting from late March 2024 Scheduled
NFT Mint
Starting from late March 2024 Scheduled

Application Process

  • (1)Review the recruitment guidelines and create the submission artwork.
  • (2)Capture images or videos of the completed artwork.
  • (3)Attach the artwork images or videos to X(formerly Twitter), and post using the provided submission post template below.
  • ▼Submission Post Template▼
    Work Title:※Up to 10 characters※
    Part:※Specify the created part※
    Author Name:※Up to 10 characters※
    PR Text:※Feel free to include a PR ※

  • (4)Complete the submission.
  • Click here for details


Regarding the evaluation of the design:

  • - In the 3rd Creator's Program, sponsoring companies will conduct the judging of the works based on their individual perspectives and criteria.
  • - The number of likes, reposts and similar metrics on the submission posts will not be taken into consideration.


  • - Only submissions featuring original designs by the applicant are accepted; submitting works outside the specified guidelines is not allowed.
  • - This contest specifically seeks original 3D model designs. While creating a 3D model is required, it is not mandatory for the model to be adapted for UGC use.
  • - Submissions are limited to the designated parts; applicants can only submit designs for the following parts: right hand, left hand, upper body, lower body, head, back, and shoulders (a total of 7 parts).
  • - Entries without the hashtag "#GENSOUGC" will be considered invalid.
  • - Please refrain from engaging in any form of defamation or harassment towards submitted works or applicants.
  • - In the event of any issues identified with submitted works or applicants, there is a possibility of exclusion from the contest without prior notice during the contest period.


Q. Can I submit equipment that I am already using as UGC equipment within GensoKishi Online?
A. Yes, you can submit it. However, if you win a prize, we will create a new thumbnail and NFT for it separately from the UGC equipment you are currently using. We will provide it to you as a prize.
This is done to include it in the NFT thumbnail for the '3rd UGC Contest' and the 'logos of each company'.

Rights and Disclaimers

All entrants and voters are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Services of GensoKishi Online and the NFT License

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