Thank you to all the players who participated in the Closed Alpha & Beta Testing. The Closed Beta Test phase has completed on August 31th, 2022. With the testing phase now completed, the Closed Alpha/Beta Ticket will now be collected. Based on the rank of your Closed Beta Ticket, players will be awarded with a Fan-club Membership Card.

What is a Fan-club Membership Card?

When in possession of the Fan-club membership Card, various benefits will be awarded to your character during gameplay. Players will be able to import the membership NFT at the time of the Official Release of the game.

※Even if you have more than one of the same item, the effect will not be doubled

  • EXP Bonus
    EXP obtained will now increase.
  • Item Drop Bonus
    Bonus is applied to the drop rate of items.
  • Member Only Stores
    Applied in various stores

※The higher the membership level, the more effective the abilities will be.

More features will come with future updates.

  • ・Discounted applied when using the transfer stone.
  • ・Discounts applied on admission fees when using special facilities.

Exchange for a Fan-club Membership Card.

※ After clicking the 'Exchange Card' button, all of the Closed Testing Ticket NFTs in your wallet will be exchanged to Fan-club Membership Card NFTs.

※ If you would like to keep one of the Closed Testing Ticket NFTs as a souvenir, please transfer the Closed Testing Ticket NFT that you would like to keep to a different wallet address.

Exchange Card