MV Bridge for ARBTRUM

MV Bridge for ARBTRUM

■How to Bridge MV (ETH) to MV (ARB)

     Access the above page
  2. Please select your active wallet address and connect your wallet (the destination chain will be the Ethereum chain).

  3. Select the Bridge menu.

  4. Select the MV token contract from the ETH tab.

    If the token is not displayed, enter the following contract address in the 'Search box':

  5. After confirming that it has changed to MV, enter the amount you want to bridge.

  6. Press the "Move funds to Arbitrum One" button located at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Please wait for the transaction to complete; this will finalize the bridge process.



  • Bridges can only be conducted with MV on the Ethereum chain. (MV on the Polygon chain cannot be bridged.)
  • To bridge MV (ETH) to MV (ARB), Ethereum will be required for gas fees.