In order to ensure a wholesome gaming experience for our valued players and to maintain a stable economic environment within GensoKishi Online, we have formulated rules for gameplay based on our terms of service. However, instances of actions that violate these rules have been observed. For accounts determined by the management team to be in violation of the terms of service, we will appropriately respond by taking necessary actions, including suspension of usage, in accordance with the terms and conditions, without prior notice.For the common reasons for account suspension and instructions on how to address accidental suspensions, please refer to this page.

■Measures against BOT (Unauthorized Tools)

Current Measures:
We are currently implementing the following measures as part of our efforts against BOTs:

  1. ①Strengthening of Bot Account Registration Detection Program

    We have enhanced our program to detect BOT account registrations and are taking swift action against such accounts.

  2. ②Operational Patrols

    We have bolstered our patrols within the service to identify and address any instances of unauthorized activities.

  3. ③Data Investigation by Operations Team

    We conduct investigations into accounts suspected of engaging in illicit activities, analyzing various data points to identify discrepancies with normal gameplay.

  4. ④Enhanced User Support

    We have implemented a feature for players to report suspicious activities related to BOTs, enabling us to take measures against BOTs based on user reports.

In addition to the above measures, to address the issue of ROND export by accounts utilizing BOTs, GensoKishi Online will gradually implement updates regarding withdrawal restrictions on ROND exports. We will implement measures following the outlined process:

  1. ① ROND pool will be replenished at a different time: Changes from June 1st

    The refill time will be changed as below to match our user's activity time in the Asian region.

    Before change: 3:00-4:00 UTC
    After: 10:00 - 11:00 UTC
    Currently, we have a significant number of users from the Asian region, and we have determined that changing to the specified time slots will be more fair. This decision is based on the fact that users in the Asian time zones have a lower likelihood of missing the timing in the evenings compared to during the day. Therefore, we will proceed with the change to the above.
  2. ② Changes in Daily withdrawal limit per user (temporary measure): Changes from June 1st

    Current: 100,000ROND (only a small amount of users were able to withdraw)
    After change: 10,000ROND (more players can withdraw small amounts)

    We plan to re-change the daily withdrawal limit on a per user basis. The current limit is 100,000 ROND, but the new limit will be 10,000 ROND. The current situation with the 100,000 ROND limit, the number of users who can export ROND is very limited. Although the maximum amount per person will be reduced, the decision to change the maximum amount was made with the priority of allowing as many exports as possible.

    In the final measure, instead of "10,000 ROND," we plan to set the upper limit on an account-by-account basis linked to the rank system. Until then, the maximum amount will be the same for all users.
  3. ③ Changes in item drops from limit on the number of monsters defeated instead of playing time: Scheduled for mid-June

    Currently, we have set a time limit of 6 hours of play per day for item drops, but we recognize that this system reduces the desire to take action other than defeating monsters and decreases communication among players.

    We have received requests for improvement from many people, and this kind of system is at odds with the "fun" we want to provide. Therefore, earlier than planned, we will change the system to have an upper limit on the number of monsters defeated to evaluate drops instead of playing time.

    Example: Until defeating 1,000 monsters/day, drops will be enabled. Item drops in Dragon Tower will remain active even after reaching the limit of the number of mosters defeated.

    We will update the specific number of the monsters defeated as we test the system. Details will be announced as soon as the update date is finalized.
  4. ④ Daily withdrawal limit for LR Cosplay Gear holders ( temporary measure): Scheduled for mid-June

    The daily maximum withdrawal amount will be set at 30,000 ROND(schedule) for accounts that have imported LR Cosplay Gear into the game, rather than the maximum amount set in ②. Since LR Cosplay Gears are very valuable, we have decided to set a separate maximum amount as a temporary measure until the account-by-account rank system is in store.

    Please note that we may revise the maximum amount again.
  5. ⑤ Account-by-account rank system (our actual goal):Scheduled for June-July

    We will be implementing a system in which ranks will be determined by the amount of assets imported into GensoKishi.

    This rank will be used to set a different daily withdrawal limit for each account, and the system will allow all players who meet the withdrawal requirements to export their assets.

    Through this initiative, we aim to reduce the number of illegal ROND exports by BOTs and create an environment in which authorized players are able to properly withdraw their assets.
  6. ⑥ KYC: Scheduled for Augest

    KYC (identity verification) will come in August.

    This initiative is intended to reduce unfair play and withdrawals by BOTs and emulators whose identities are not transparent. For accounts below a certain rank, KYC procedures will be required when exporting ROND.

    Even until KYC is implemented, accounts with MV imports of $1,000 or more will continue to be able to export ROND.
    We will continue to accept verification of your identity for the purpose of removing the suspension of withdrawals and account suspension.
    To learn more please visit:
  7. ⑦ Public test server and VIP server will be postponed

    In order to prioritize the development of the above items, we will have to postpone:
    ■Public release of the closed server (for test maps)
    ■VIP-exclusive servers

    Regarding these two points, there has been a change in the initial plan, and the originally planned schedule will be modified. Devs will resume development as soon as steps ① to ④ are completed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this change, and we will provide separate notification once a specific schedule is determined. Thank you for your understanding.

■Common reasons for account suspension

  1. ①Creating and using multiple accounts

    To ensure a secure economic environment within GensoKishi Online, playing with multiple accounts, which may disadvantage the operation and other players, is strictly prohibited. We kindly request that each individual player uses only one account for gameplay. If you have accidentally created multiple accounts, please delete the unused account(s).

  2. ②Gameplay using BOT tools such as creating macros

    We have noticed a considerable number of users who engage in mechanical gameplay by utilizing BOT tools, either partially or entirely, playing the game endlessly. In order to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players and to prevent disadvantages to the operation and other users, the use of BOT tools for gameplay is strictly prohibited.

  3. ③Illicit import/export by intentionally exploiting game glitches or bugs

    Any act involving illicit import/export through intentional exploitation of game glitches or data manipulation is prohibited. 

  4. ④Account lending, transfer or sale to third parties (including family and friends)

    Sharing your account ID and password with others and engaging in the sharing of characters and assets is strictly prohibited. Such actions disrupt the design philosophy and balance of the economic ecosystem in GensoKishi Online, which is built on the premise of one account per person. Therefore, lending, transferring, or selling accounts is strictly prohibited. 

  5. ⑤Account suspension due to mistaken identification by the automated detection tools for suspicious behavior

    There may be cases where an account is mistakenly suspended by automated detection tools, such as when unintentionally entering areas not intended by the developers, resulting in automatic detection as unauthorized entry. If your account has been suspended in such a case, even if you have not used any tools, we apologize for any inconvenience and we kindly ask you to submit a request for account reactivation to have the suspension lifted.

If you have no recollection of engaging in any cheating or illicit gameplay, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. In such cases, please provide information about the last map or location where you were, to the best of your recollection, and submit it via the contact form.
Upon reviewing the details, we will promptly lift the suspension.

■How to Request Account Reactivation for Suspended Accounts

If your account has been mistakenly suspended for any reason, please contact us to submit a ban appeal through the contact form (
※Please note that the review process is conducted manually on an individual account basis and it may take some time. Kindly understand that account reactivation is not guaranteed.

※If multiple accounts are being used from the same IP address, such as when you and your family members are playing the game, this could lead to suspicions of multi-accounting and subsequent account suspension. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we may require valid reasons and documentation to prove that multiple accounts are not being used by a single individual. For example, if multiple family members are playing from the same IP address, we may request documents such as passports or identification to verify the individuality of each account holder.

We are constantly updating our measures to prevent BOT use and handle account suspensions, so the information provided above may change. The latest information will be regularly published on this page and other relevant sources.

May 18th, 2023