ROND can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Information on ROND contracts

Information on ROND

In this metaverse, the in-metaverse economy is composed of metaverse money called ROND. ROND is like a Stable token and has the role of exchanging ROND earned in the metaverse on the cryptocurrency exchange. ROND is linked to the price of the cryptocurrency exchange, the value of ROND also changes even in the metaverse, and arbitrage trading is adopted even in the in-metaverse weapon shop.

  • - Used when purchasing in-metaverse items, base weapons, and protectors
  • - Used when participating in a mode that can only be participated under certain conditions
  • - Used when strengthening and training base equipment
  • - Used when you want to warp between MAPs and shorten time
  • - Used as entry fee to participate an event
  • - Used as entry fee when playing with UGC maps
  • - Used as the challenge fee to take the quest