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【GENSO Creator’s Program】
UGC Contest

Simple way to create your own 3D design!

*This is just one way of doing it. Feel free to use other methods as well.

To all Genso Knights! We are looking for your 3D model design that will be turned into a Cosplay Equipment that can be used on GensoKishi Online!
Send your design to us. We look forward to seeing your design come to life!

1st UGC Contest

Entries are now closed.
Voting Period
Voting period has ended
results will be announced
Friday, July 28, 2023
USDT Rewards
Scheduled for mid-August 2023
NFT Mint
Scheduled for mid-August 2023


Those who voted for the winning entries will receive the Award NFT!


How to Vote

  • -You need a "Creators Program #1 Voting Pass” NFT to vote.
  • -One "Creators Program #1 Voting Pass" NFT will be consumed per vote.
  • -Please vote only once for each entry, only one vote per entry will be valid.
    *Please note that we do not offer refunds for accidental multiple votes on the same work.
  • -Those who voted for the Grand Prize NFT will receive the Grand Prize NFT!
  • -Those who voted for the Maxi Award NFT will receive the Maxi Award NFT!
  • ■Voting Process and Precautions
    1. ①A pop-up will appear requesting permission to operate MetaMask. Click "Confirm."
    2. ②Then, another pop-up will appear. Click "Confirm" to proceed with the vote.
    3. ③After voting, a pop-up will appear asking to revoke the operation of MetaMask.
  • ※To confirm the success of the voting process, you can check by clicking the "Voted" sorting menu in the "Entry List" section.
  • ※Please note that the voting process may take a few minutes to complete.

Where to get the Voting Pass

The NFT "Creators Program #1 Voting Pass" will be granted as a little gift when you purchase from the NFT gacha premiering exclusively for this event. The timing of the gacha sales will be announced separately.
Here is the gacha where "Creators Program #1 Voting Pass" is given as a bonus.
The Voting Pass is an exclusive voting pass that can be used only for this event. Please be sure to use it during the valid period.


  • -System-wise, you will be able to vote multiple times for each work. HOWEVER, please note that only one vote per entry will be valid.
  • -Consumed Voting Pass NFTs cannot be returned.
  • -Please refrain from insulting people’s entries.
  • -If a problem is found in an entry, we may exclude it from the entry during the contest period. Please note that if an entry is excluded, the votes casted will also be made invalid.


Q. Can I vote for all the entries?
A. Yes. Please use up your Voting Pass NFT during the contest period, as they will be made invalid after the contest is over.
Q. If the entry I voted for is chosen as the Grand Prize, when do I get it?
A. The NFTs will be sent at a latter date, approximately 2 months from the announcement.

Rights and Disclaimers

All entrants and voters are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Services of GensoKishi Online and the NFT License