[UGC Contest #2] AI Skins x GensoKishi

[UGC Contest #2] AI Skins x GensoKishi


Kickstarting our UGC Contest #2 with AI Skins!!

Today, we are very excited to announce our "UGC Contest #2" in partnership with AI Skins.

AI Skins is a cutting-edge platform where individuals, regardless of their prior experience, can start effortlessly creating 3D designs. In the future, users will be able to create GENSO-compatible 3D files directly on AI Skins!!

With this future in mind, we welcome our players to the "2nd UGC Contest" where we'll welcome 3D assets designed ONLY on AI Skins. Access the platform to create and design your original Cosplay Equipement on AI Skins - top winners will have their designs turned into an actual Cosplay Equipment NFT!!

AI Skins is EASY TO USE!! :)
Don't worry even if it's your first time creating 3D!


■Application Guidelines                                                               

Oct 11th, 2023 to Oct 25th, 2023 *Submissions close at 14:59 (UTC)

"Cosplay Equipment" 3D model file

Applicable parts:
Right Hand, Left Hand, Upper Body, Head, Back, Shoulder (Total of 6 types)


*You may submit as many entries as you wish!


Grand Prize (1 winner): 500 USDT + 5,000 $BREED + your 3D design turned into an NFT
2nd Place (1 winner):
5,000 $BREED
3rd Place (1 winner): 3,000 $BREED

*Genso will create your Genso-comaptible 3D item based on your design on AI Skins!

■Application Process                                                                    

0. Get your wallet address whitelisted here. (Whitelisted addresses can publish on AI Skins without BREED.)
*Adderesses get whitelisted everyday at 9:00 UTC
*Registration for the whitelist will close on October 18th at 11:59(UTC).

1. Link your crypto wallet to use AI Skins.
2. Click "Select from Templates".
3. Enter "GENSOUGC" in the event code at the upper left corner and click Verify.

4. Select templates from ONLY HEAD GEAR and UPPER BODY and click NEXT.
(*No trousers/pants/shorts/footwear this time around. )
5. Upload the original image to be applied to the template, and click "Generate".
6. The AI will then create a color scheme (4 types) that matches the 3D template.
7. From the generated images, select the one you like.
8. Place your DECAL, logo etc. at the end (optional) and click "Publish Design".
9. In the pop-up box, type out your wearable name and leave the other details as is.

10. Publish to the Skins Shop to finalize. (YOU WILL NEED MATIC IN YOUR WALLET for this step)

11. Additionally, all images of submissions should be posted on BreederDAO Discord in the #Show-Your-Skins text channel. Attach the photo and indicate the game partner, wearable name and Skin ID Number via text. {example: GensoKishi - Zoro’s Bandana - #123)

*Submissions without the event code "GENSOUGC" will not be considered.

*For a more in-depth step by step, read this walkthrough or watch this video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jeECXJPc9ySlZV81dlnjq4UJvYasVReF/view?usp=sharing


■Important Notes                                                                         

・Only original designs are eligible for submission. Submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines cannot be accepted.
・Submissions for parts other than the specified equipment parts (Right Hand, Left Hand, Upper Body, Lower Body, Head, Back, Shoulder) are not allowed.
・The following types of artwork are not allowed for submission:
-Those that infringe upon the intellectual property rights, including ownership and copyrights, reputation, trust, and privacy of third parties.
-Those that contain explicit, violent, discriminatory, or offensive content that may cause discomfort to third parties.
-Those that violate public order and morals, or laws and regulations.
-Any other artwork deemed inappropriate for this contest.

・While the ownership of the artwork will belong to the user, the NFT of the grand prize and other rewards will belong to GensoKishi Online.
・Applicants must agree to the terms of service and the NFT licensing agreement to submit.


■WINNER SELECTION                                                                  

Initial Screening: October 28th -31st by BreederDAO and GensoKishi team
*Will be screened to 10 designs

Finalist Voting on X & Discord: October 27th to November 3th PM11:59 (UTC)

*Community votes will decide winners, based on reactions.
**We will pick 10 of the best comments on the winner’s tweet and send them the winning 3D item on Genso!! So pick your choice and compliment their design with your comments!!
*More deails on this later..!

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Early November 2023

POST-WINNING PROCESS:   -Token Distribution: Mid-November 2023.
                                            -NFT Mint for Winners: End-November 2023.

*Please be sure to join BreederDAO Telegram and Discord (channel #ai-skins-support) for questions!

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