Announcement of Official GENSO Discord Revamp!

Announcement of Official GENSO Discord Revamp!

We are excited to share an update regarding changes happening on our official GENSO Discord server! As we shift our focus towards our metaverse this year, to align with our roadmap, we will organize our Discord server channels to reflect this new direction. 

Phase 1:
We will implement changes to our Discord server layout from February 8-15, 2024. Our moderators or admins will be on hand to guide you through the changes, and we will also be releasing video tutorials in Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino to help you navigate the new setup in the coming days once server updates have concluded. Please note that, non-active channels will be archived to create a cleaner and more streamlined Discord experience in preparation for the future of our metaverse. Active channels that contain essential information and community talks will not get omitted. GENSO community members can look forward to the addition of channels relevant to metaverse collaborations, discussions, and other guides. 

Phase 2:
To improve the dissemination of news and information across our communities, we will be integrating the Chiba Neko bot translator tool in GENSO Discord server. This integration will support multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai. 

Please note that this process will take some time to complete as support will be done for multiple languages, and we will provide updates on the timeline for implementing this new feature.

Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting changes and enhancements to our Discord server! Thank you for always being a part of the GENSO community!

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