Gensokishi Online x Chiba Neko Partnership Announcement

Gensokishi Online x Chiba Neko Partnership Announcement

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership to revolutionise how we interact on our Discord server. Say hello to Chiba Neko Translator, the latest addition to our Discord server!


Introducing Chiba Neko Translator

ChibaNeko is designed to simplify communication across our diverse channels, making it easier for everyone to stay connected, regardless of language differences.


Key Features:

  • Central Meeting Hub: Chiba Neko Translator integrates seamlessly into our Discord server as a bridge between users of different languages. Perfect for our ever-growing, diverse community!
  • Automatic Real-Time Translation: Say goodbye to language barriers! Send a message in your native language, and Chiba Neko will instantly translate it for users in other channels. This ensures everyone in our global community stays on the same page.

Embrace the Multilingual Future

This partnership will significantly benefit both new and existing users of Genso's social channels. Communication is vital to building a solid community, and with Chiba Neko, we're one step closer to a more inclusive and connected environment.


Integration and More Information

The integration of Chiba Neko into our Discord server will commence in the coming days. We invite all of you to stay tuned for updates and explore more about Chiba Neko through their website and socials:




Let's continue to build and grow together, breaking down language barriers along the way!


Stay Connected,

The GENSO Team