【Apr.25 Update】GENSO MAKER Update Announcement

【Apr.25 Update】GENSO MAKER Update Announcement

"End of the Free UGC NFT Fee Campaign for UGC Equipment with Effects"
Regarding the "LAND (Ver1.1) Update"
Due to various circumstances, we will be postponing the maintenance itself.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and would appreciate your patience for a little while longer.

We will inform you of the maintenance schedule as soon as it is finalized.

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi online.
Maintenance for GENSO MAKER will be conducted.

■GENSO MAKER Site Maintenance Period:
April 25, 5:00 – 8:00 (UTC)
※Access to the GENSO MAKER page will be unavailable during maintenance.

■GENSO MAKER Site Update Details:

・End of the Free UGC NFT Fee Campaign for UGC Equipment with Effects
The "Free UGC NFT Fee Campaign for UGC Equipment with Effects" campaign will come to an end.
Please be aware that fees will be required after the maintenance.
※There is no change to the staking rank required for the application of UGC equipment with effects.

・[Updated]TGA Format Texture Files Now Acceptable
The texture file formats will now include TGA files.
※ Only the UGC Check Tool (Unity), not the GENSO UGC Model Viewer, can read and write TGA files.
※ There will be no tool updates associated with this change.

・LAND (Ver1.1) Update
As the next step in the GENSO metaverse, LAND (Ver1.1) will be updated.
For more details, please check the URL below

【Fantasy goes beyond reality】 The land's official release schedule has been made!!!

Please continue to support GENSO PROJECT.

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