【Fantasy goes beyond reality】 The land's official release schedule has been made!!!

【Fantasy goes beyond reality】 The land's official release schedule has been made!!!

"Fantasy goes beyond Reality. Welcome to the world of the Fantasy Metaverse"

Regarding the critical aspect of constructing the Metaverse world,
the official release of LAND (Ver1.0) has been decided for March 28th!

■About "LAND(V1.0)"
It is a feature that allows users to freely place objects and other items within the LAND.
Users will be able to bring in UGC equipment into the LAND and display as objects.
We are also implementing improvements to the usability of LAND Housing, as there were many points where the usability and ease of operation were not clear in the beta version.
Additionally, we have increased the number of object types that can be freely placed by default by more than 20. This allows users to express various worldviews according to their preferences in the LAND. 
 In the official version (Ver1.0), even those who do not own LAND can try it out.
※ In this version, only sample plots are editable. Editing capabilities for each LAND plot will be available in the next update. (There is a possibility that saved data for sample plots may not be transferable during the next update.)
※ Saved data from the currently available test version, LAND Housing (Test Version), cannot be used.


■Regarding future update plans

We aim to regularly update LAND with new features for entertainment and monetization, providing enjoyable content for LAND owners and prospective buyers. 
Below are the scheduled updates we have currently planned.
We have more updates in the pipeline, which we will announce as they are finalized!

March 28, 2024 Version 1.0
 ・Improved usability of mouse and keyboard controls to make housing easier.
 ・Addition of 20 new preset object models.
 ・Ability to place and decorate UGC equipment in housing.

From April to May, 2024 Version 1.1
 ・If you own LAND NFT, the number of objects you can place and the capacity for saving will be expanded.
 ・If you own LAND NFT, the types of available object models (presets) will be added.
 ※ Even if you do not own LAND, you can still continue to place objects, but there may be limitations such as fewer objects allowed for placement.

From June to July, 2024 Version 2.0
 ・If you own LAND NFT, you will be able to invite other users to enter your LAND.
 ・You will be able to visit publicly available LAND from the LAND Viewer.
 ※Unlike online games where multiple characters can enter simultaneously, in version 2.0, only your own character will be displayed upon entry.

From July to August, 2024 Version 2.1
 ・If you own Object NFT, you will be able to place it within your LAND.
 ※Currently, only DOGE objects are distributed to specific individuals, but by Version 2.1, various other Object NFTs will be made available.

From September to Octorber, 2024 Version 3.0
 ・You will be able to create UGC objects.
 ・You will be able to place UGC objects within your LAND.
 ・With the ability to freely create objects using UGC, you can construct even more creatively unique LAND worlds.

From December 2024 to January 2025, Version 4.0
 ・The functionality for importing/exporting Object NFTs will be added,
  allowing only imported NFTs to be placed within LAND.
 ・The implementation of LAND objects that affect character stats in GensoKishi Online side.

In Q1 to Q2, 2025  Version 5.0
 ・LAND will be integrated with GensoKishi Online (the game), allowing users to publish their LAND within the game's space.
 ・It will be possible for multiple users to access the LAND simultaneously, just like in the game, enabling communication such as chat and participation in events.

From Version 5.0, it will finally be possible to attract multiple users to LAND, and various projects utilizing the LAND will become possible for LAND owners themselves.
Even after version 5.0, we are currently considering designs that allow LAND owners to generate revenue by utilizing their LAND.
s a metaverse project, GensoKishi will continue to provide elements that can only be realized in the metaverse world

Additionally, alongside this announcement, we have updated the whitepaper.

Furthermore, we are advancing methods for constructing LAND utilizing AI, so we will evolve services such as UGC and LAND to make it easy and enjoyable for anyone to build in the metaverse world!

We look forward to your continued support for the GENSO PROJECT in the future.


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