[March 14, 2023] Scheduled System Maintenance

[March 14, 2023] Scheduled System Maintenance

Thank you for Playing GensoKishi Online.

We will be conducting a scheduled Marketplace maintenance on March 14th, 2023 from 03:00-10:00 UTC.
Please refer to the following for details:

■Maintenance Time
March 14, 2023 from 03:00-10:00 (UTC)

・In order to prioritize in-game balance adjustments, we have decided to forgo the implementation of Dragon classes from this update. We are planning on implementing the various new classes in May, 2023. We apologize to all players who were looking forward to the new class additions.

・Class skills will be adjusted based on the overall in-game balance. In relation to this class skill adjustment, we will be placing an NPC quest in Elrond Mall where players can obtain a “Pearl of Skill Tree Reset” per character.
Please be aware that with this update, players will no longer be able to store the item “Pearl of Skill Tree Reset ”in the Postal Storage.

The class skills adjusted at this time are as follows:

  Arcane Esoterica:  Recover 15% MP / Costs 27 MP
  Reagent Reclamation: Recover 3% MP / Costs 9 MP
     Spell Siphon: Recover 5% MP / Costs 21 MP

    Heavy Counter Lv1:  Damage 150 / Cost 22 MP
    Heavy Counter Lv2: Damage 165 / Cost 26 MP
    Heavy Counter Lv3: Damage 180 / Cost 30 MP
    Heavy Counter Lv4:  Damage 200 / Cost 34 MP
    Colossal Counter:  Damage 150 / Cost 38 MP / DEF +500
    Sheer Will Lv1: DEF 30%+100 / Cost 25 MP    
    Sheer Will Lv2: DEF 35%+200 / Cost 28 MP
    Sheer Will Lv3: DEF 40%+350 / Cost 32 MP
    Sheer Will Lv4: DEF 45%+500 / Cost 36 MP
    Human Bulwark: DEF 50% / Cost 40 MP

 Soul Siphon: Gain 1% MP of the damage inflicted to enemy
 Dark Ritual: Gain 2% MP every 5 secs for 3 times. Totaling 6% MP Gain:

 Heresy: Blood Bolt: Cost 36 MP
 Heresy: Unhallowed Bolt: Cost 78 MP
 Refresh Mind: Gain 2% MP every 15 seconds for 10 times. Totaling 20% MP Gain: / Cost 50 MP

 Magic Knight
 Magic Siphon: Gain 1% MP of the damage inflicted to enemy / Cost 45 MP
 Consume Aura Lv3: Gain 1% MP at a probability of 50%
 Consume Aura Lv4: Gain 1% MP at a probability of 50
 Aura Connoisseur: Gain 2% MP at a probability of 100% / Cost 15 MP

・We will issue an remedy for a bug that occurred between November 30th, 2022 to January 27th, 2023, where the Right Hand Body Part for Cosplay Gears and Base Gear’s CND decreases when items such as potions were used.
The development team will be distributing one "Cosplay Gear Repair Tool (Right Hand)" to all accounts that were created during the above period. When using the distributed tool, the CND of the Right Hand Cosplay Gear will recover to 100%. When using the tool on Cosplay Gears SETUPs, the tool will recover 16% of the total CND (This rate is equivalent to 1/7 of the Cosplay Gear SETUP’s CND).

・We have been made aware that in very rare cases, certain Food items stored in Postal Storage were disappearing. Therefore, we will also be providing an equivalent amount of items that have gone missing.
- Please be assured that going forward, this issue has now been corrected and we will compensate players who have experienced this bug.

  Food Items that will be covered in this remedy:
 ・Salmon Roe

・As recently announced in the news release “[Important] Details on the current NFT exporting issue and our action plan for correction” , we will provide NFTs to owners who are currently unable to export the in-game items.
In order to conduct this procedure, the development team will be deleting the NFT currently in-game from the owner’s account and issue new NFTs with the same parameters that were being used at the time of the glitch.
The NFTs will be sent to the wallet address linked to the player’s accounts. After the scheduled system maintenance has completed, please confirm the NFTs in your wallet, and proceed to import the NFT into the game through the "Import NFT" feature.

・Adding buff icons "Stun" and "Silence".

・Fixing a bug where some players have reported that items “Lesser Potions”  and “Mana Potions” could not be withdrawn from their Postal Storage will be fixed. Please be aware that the potions that had been taken out of the Postal Storage cannot be deposited again.

・Adjusting the Sales Clark NPC and items sold at Fool's Wasteland (S).

・Adjusting the skill for the monster “Eye/Mimic.

・Details of the skill will appear by hovering the cursor over the skill's shortcuts.

・Adjusting UI to make the character screen more player-friendly.

 - Bug fix: When a Food item is eaten while a character is already consuming a Food item the fullness level was restored but the effect of the Food item eaten afterwards was not applied. 
 - Fixed an issue where the Wizard skills "Guardian Light" and "Arcane Esoterica" would not overwrite  the higher level skill with the lower level skill.
 - Adjusted Warlock's "Reaper's Shroud" Lv. 2-4 effect duration when in covert mode from 40 to 60 seconds.
 - The skill "Black Dragon's Breath" for the Cosplay Gear "Bident of Wickedness" has been fixed to reduce the target monster's attack by 10%.
 - The skill "Thunderbolt" for the Cosplay Gear "Thunderbolt of God" has been fixed to activate buff the target monster even when it dies.
 - Adjusted the monster link setting for Colkia Hole.
 - The antidote reuse time cycle has changed from 100 seconds to 15 seconds.

・Fixing other misc bugs.

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