[Important] Details on the current NFT exporting issue and our action plan for correction

[Important] Details on the current NFT exporting issue and our action plan for correction

Thank you for your continued support of GensoKishi Online.

In regards to our recent issues with NFT imports & exports, we would like to clarify the issues that had been occurring, along with how today’s scheduled system maintenance has resolved the issue and how we will rectify the NFT owners who are currently having issues.

The development team had concluded that it would be best to release the information after the maintenance, in order to avoid further confusion prior to the maintenance.

■ Glitch & issue regarding NFT import/export due to system misconfiguration

First and foremost, we would like to assure that the following issue has already been addressed during today’s scheduled system maintenance and that the following is to describe an issue that the system previously had:

The development team had investigated that under certain conditions, when players try to export gears that had previously been imported into the game, there had been a rare glitch where the NFT of the gear would successfully be exported while the actually gear remained within the game.

As a result of this glitch, if the exported NFT was transferred to a third party (via the marketplace or other platforms), and the third party imported the NFT they acquired into the game, it resulted in the simultaneous existence of the same gear with the same TokenID within the game.

The issue under these conditions was that if one of the two owners of the same gear with the same TokenID had successfully exported the NFT, and the other owner had later decided to export the gear as well, because the GENSO admin team does not have possession of the NFT with the corresponding TokenID, the NFT export process had failed.

■ Addressing a fix during today's maintenance

During today's maintenance, we have implemented various measures to prevent the issue above from reoccurring again in the future.

However, as for users who have imported NFTs that correspond to the TokenID list below, if one of the owners had successfully exported the NFT, the other NFT owner with the same TokenID will not be able to export the item. Therefore we have placed the following system condtion for these rare situations: "If an NFT with the same TokenID has been imported by multiple users, the last person to import the NFT will be permitted to export the NFT.”

As for the rest of the NFT owners with the same TokenID who are not permitted to exporting the NFT at this time, the development team will perform another round of scheduled system maintenance on March 14th, 2023, and owners will then be able to then export the NFT at that time. This will be conducted by the development team preparing a fully equivalent NFT for owners who are currently not permitted to export their items.

Please be aware that until the system maintenance scheduled for March 14th, 2023, NFT owners will not be able to deposit their NFT items to the Postal Storage.

■ TokenIDs with exporting issues due to simultaneous existence


We sincerely apologize that there had been a delay in communication regarding the release of this issue to prevent further confusion.

Thank you for your continued support of the GensoKishi project.

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