MV Chain partners with Caldera for technology collaboration!

MV Chain partners with Caldera for technology collaboration!

We are pleased to announce that GENSO has entered into an official partnership with Caldera.
This collaboration will support the launch of the MV Chain and enhance the next-generation metaverse ecosystem.

■Partnership Details

1. Collaboration with Caldera:
Caldera is an RaaS (Rollup as a Service) provider that builds MV Chain using Arbitrum Orbit technology.
This partnership enables MV Chain to offer high throughput, instant settlement, and low-cost transactions.

2. MV Chain Development:
MV Chain is built as an Arbitrum Orbit L3, aiming to make the GENSO metaverse more accessible to retailers, major brands, and institutions.
It also provides players with a comfortable and high-performance gaming experience.

3. Technical Advantages:
MV Chain leverages Caldera's rollup infrastructure and the Arbitrum Orbit stack to provide the following benefits:

  • High throughput: Quickly processes many transactions.
  • Instant settlement: Enables immediate transaction completion.
  • Low-cost fees: Provides predictable and low transaction fees.

4. $MV Usage:
Players can use $MV as a fee payment token in all games on the MV Chain.
Additionally, developers can deploy and port smart contracts in Rust, C, and C++ using Arbitrum Stylus.

■The Future of MV Chain

The development of MV Chain marks the next stage for GENSO Metaverse, which has been operating in Asia for a year and a half.
Entering an expansion phase, GENSO is moving into a revenue-generating phase, and will continue to strive for market expansion and technological evolution.

Through this partnership, GENSO aims to make a significant leap forward and accelerate the development of the metaverse ecosystem.
For more details on MV Chain, please refer to this announcement.

■Problem Solving and the Necessity of MV Chain

Despite being hailed as "the future," blockchain games (BCG) and the metaverse have struggled to gain traction.
The main reasons are:

  • The complexity and difficulty of understanding blockchain
  • The difficulty of using wallets
  • High gas fees and communication delays

GENSO has faced similar issues, hindering its growth.
However, MV Chain's L3 can solve these problems and significantly accelerate the adoption of BCG and the metaverse, allowing GENSO to grow substantially.

■MV Chain as L3 for DApps Metaverse

What is Layer 3 (L3)?

  • Layer 1: Enhanced security (e.g., Ethereum)
  • Layer 2: Enhanced scalability (cheap and fast)
  • Layer 3: Fully decentralized system

L3 provides cheaper and faster throughput for DApps than L2 and offers flexible design tailored to products like DApps.
Node management and chain security can be entrusted to higher layers, making it a structure specialized for decentralization.

L3 protocols are built on L2 to host application-specific DApps, offering a wide range of solutions for scaling, performance, interoperability, customization, and cost. L3 inherits from L2, allowing for more flexible interconnection between blockchains.

■Benefits of MV Chain

No Wallet Needed:
Eliminates the hassle of creating a wallet, allowing transactions to be completed with a single button.

MV as Native Gas Token:
Supported by stakeholders from various fields, the MV ecosystem has accumulated three years of project support as knowledge.

DEX Integration:
MV Chain can connect directly with various DEXs.

Functions as the governing body of MV Chain, building a sustainable ecosystem.

Next-Generation Metaverse Development:
Provides excellent user experience with low fees and fast transactions.

These solutions can significantly address the challenges of GensoKishi Online and the GENSO metaverse.

■Current Partnership Status

1. Collaboration with JanNavi: Ongoing
MV Chain is also being implemented in the mahjong service "JanNavi," partnered with the American AI tech company helca.
The partnership with helca strengthens AI integration, effectively utilizing L3.

2. Partnership with Arbitrum: Completed
The partnership with Arbitrum (L2) is complete, providing a robust infrastructure.

3. Partnership with Caldera: Completed
The partnership with Caldera is now complete.

Thank you for your continued support of GensoKishi Online.

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