MV Chain Announced, Supporting Multi-Chain

MV Chain Announced, Supporting Multi-Chain

Dear users, thank you for your long-term support and love for Gensokishi Online Metaworld (AKA Genso Meta).

Since the launch of Genso Meta, our team has been developing various application scenarios based on the combination of games and blockchain technology. In addition to Play2Earn, we have provided players with UGC2EARN, enabling them to create and monetize content. We have also cooperated with Hikone Castle, a famous historical site in Japan, to realize the virtual and real integration of metaverse scenarios for users.

After in-depth discussions within the team and exchanges with various public chains and infrastructure partners in the market, we would like to announce that Genso Meta will evolve from a single-chain (Polygon) support architecture to its own MV CHAIN (Arbitrum Orbit) a core architecture that connects multiple chains and multiple ecosystems.

Why change?

First: to create MV CHAIN for the purpose of optimizing the user experience and expanding the possibilities

We know that most gamers in the market are unfamiliar with blockchain technology or cryptocurrency wallets, and in order to lower the user threshold, account abstraction is a Web3 development trend, with the ultimate goal of making users almost unaware of the presence of wallets as if they were playing other Web2 games.
We can do this by building an MV CHAIN.

Players can directly use $MV as Gas Token, and do not need to purchase ETH or Matic as the gas fee of the blockchain.

MV Chain with Arbitrum Orbit technology can provide lower and more predictable gas fees, and we can pay gas fees on behalf of users in specific user scenarios, providing a better user experience

More possibilities of the metaverse, because MV Chain adopts the Arbitrum Orbit technology architecture, it supports the development of smart contracts in languages other than Solidity such as Rust, C and C+, not only Genso Meta itself, merchants and partners that Metaworld will access in the future can have a more user-friendly development environment to provide users with diversified applications.

In particular, with the transaction security and network stability of Ethereum, the world's second largest blockchain, MV CHAIN will achieve an improved security level using the Orbit technology architecture.

Second: Expand on-chain and off-chain connectivity, not just for games

Through the construction of MV CHAIN, we will provide retail merchants, major brands, and institutions with a seamless connection to the metaverse, and your achievements in Genso Meta will not only be limited to the game itself, but it will also become part of your identity.
The winner or expert in the game can break the spatial dimension and enjoy real-life benefits (such as tickets to special shows and various discounts), while the activities in physical life will enhance the attributes of your character and add fun to your game.

Third:  Enhance the diversity of the metaverse

With the L3 attribute of MV CHAIN, we can provide a frictionless experience of account abstraction, which will expand the diversity of the metaverse in both directions. (On-chain and Off-chain)

Recreations: In addition to introducing more entertainment genres to Metaworld, metaverse concerts and online movie premieres have become possible.

Resources: We will work with DePIN project parties to introduce physical resource management to the metaverse, for example, you can take care of your farm in the  metaverse and get harvests in real life. 

Experiences & Engagements: In the metaverse, you'll be able to collect characters and even scenes from movies!

How will the change be made?

At present, users on the Polygon chain do not have to worry about losing assets or game progress, this change only means that Genso Meta will adding support to MV CHAIN. 
All game accounts and progress will not be lost, users only need to decide when to migrate to MV CHAIN.

When will the change happen?

We expect to complete the construction of MV CHAIN in the third quarter of this year, and all major project progress will be announced on the official website and community, which will include the following milestones, but their order may be adjusted according to the actual situation.

  • Bridging $MV Tokens to Arbiturm ONE (MV CHAIN's Parent Chain)
  • Build Dapps on Arbitrum One (Staking V1, Staking V2 and others)
  • The founding community of MV CHAIN (including our infrastructure partners and merchant brands)
  • Deploy MV CHAIN testnet
  • Deploy Gensokishi Metaworld's contract on MV CHAIN testnet
  • Test Gensokishi Metaworld on MV CHAIN testnet
  • The MV CHAIN mainnet’s official launch
  • Released the web version of Genso for MV CHAIN BETA
  • MV CHAIN's exclusive bridge test
  • Released Genso for MV CHAIN BETA APP
  • MV CHAIN BRIDGE official launch
  • Polygon-> MV CHAIN asset migration tool(Also Polygon is still available)
  • The official version of Gensokishi Metaworld

We understand that such a major change may cause some doubts and inconveniences, we will try our best to answer and reduce the inconvenience caused by the possible migration, upgrading $MV from an application token to the MV CHAIN base currency is a big step in our journey to explore WEB3, thank you and look forward to your continued fellowship with us!

Please stay tuned for the upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) and continuous updates!

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