Details of Yoshitaka Amano collaboration NFT revealed!

Details of Yoshitaka Amano collaboration NFT revealed!


We are excited to announce the details of the recently announced NFT collaboration between GensoKishi Online and Yoshitaka Amano.

In commemorating this special collaboration, we have released a video on our official YouTube channel, so please make sure to check it out!

■ Details on the NFT Design

  • Mr. Amano has drafted 10 types each of Cosplay Equipment for both male/female gender (20 types in total) for all 8 body parts.
  • The 8 different body parts include: head, face (facial expression), shoulders, right hand, left hand, torso, back (waist), and legs.
    • The face (facial expression) is not usually included in the conventional GensoKishi Cosplay Equipment, but for this special collaboration, the face (facial expression) has been added to the special NFT collection, making it a Cosplay Equipment NFT with 8 different body parts.
  • Rarity of the Cosplay Equipment NFT are ranked at: Super Rare
  • The NFTs will randomly be generated by utilizing the 20 different types x 8 body parts to create a one-of-a-kind 8-piece Cosplay Equipment NFT.
  • The equipment is a set of 8 parts of the NFT, not by part. You cannot change the equipment for each part of the body.
  • The maximum number of NFTs to be sold is estimated to be about 11,000 (all of the NFTs will have an individual design).

  • The design illustrations above are freshly drawn drafts by Mr. Amano of what the special NFTs will look like.
  • Currently, the development team are working on the 3D modeling based on the original designs to match the feel of GensoKishi Online.

■ The process from purchasing to acquiring the NFT

  • Sale of "Tamago NFT," an illustration drawn by Mr. Amano
    • Public sale launch: End of September, price TBD
    • Pre-sale launch (Whitelist winners): Early October, price at 400 USDT
    • Priority sales to players who has staked MV (only those who have achieved a certain staking rank will be awarded with access to priority sales) : Early October, price TBD
  • Disclaimer: The number of NFTs available during the pre-sale is limited. Please note that not all Whitelist winners will be able to purchase the NFT and the NFTs will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The pre-sale launch will take place on the GensoKishi Marketplace, on a page only accessible to Whitelist winners.
  • Disclaimer: To purchase the NFT, the cryptocurrency needed will be in MV or USDT. The above prices are listed in USDT, but we will specify on a later date of what the purchase currency for each sale as soon as the details are confirmed.
  • Disclaimer: Auction-style sales are currently under consideration. We will inform you of any additions or changes to the above sales schedule if there are any.

  • Purchasers of the Cosplay Equipment NFT will find out what their combination of the different body part designs upon receiving the NFT.
  • Within the “Tamago NFT,” there will a memo of the "name of the Original Illustration’s Character Motif" along with the "♂♀ (male / female symbol)" indicating the type of weapon the that will be equipped when the combination is generated.
  • Being able to exchange the "Tamago NFT" to a Cosplay Equipment: Scheduled for the end of October
    • We will introduce a feature-tool that allows owners of the “Tamago NFT” to exchange it for the Cosplay Equipment within the GensoKishi Marketplace.
  • Ability to Import the Yoshitaka Amano special collaboration Cosplay Equipment NFT: Scheduled for the end of October.
    • We are currently working on making it possible to import Cosplay Equipment NFT as soon as it arrives to the player’s possession.

We will announce the 3D modeling of the special collaboration and other details as soon as they are ready for public release. Please expect to see updates sometimes within early to mid next month.

Stay tuned for more details to come, and please make sure to join our communities below for the latest updates!

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Gensokishi Online will continue to provide cryptogame enthusiasts with updates on this project.

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