GensoKishi Online × Yoshitaka Amano Special Collaboration NFT Collection Launched!

GensoKishi Online × Yoshitaka Amano Special Collaboration NFT Collection Launched!

We are excited to release information regarding the special collaboration NFTs with legendary visual artist, Yoshitaka Amano! Whitelists to win purchasing rights for the special editon NFTs at presale price will be starting with various gaming guilds. Each gaming guilds will have their own whitelist application process, so please make sure to check their Twitter posts for details.

Whitelist applications that will open today are:

Other prominent NFT projects will also release their whitelist application process in the upcoming days.

In addition to obtain rights to purchase through the various gaming guild whitelists, players will be able to get the special collaboration NFTs by Yoshitaka Amano by the following methods:

  • NFT will be gifted via lottery to those who have been staking MVs

    • To be applicable for the lottery, we will set minimum staking requirements such as the amount of MVs staked and the duration of staking.

  • Priority purchase rights for those who have been staking MVs
    • We will set rules for the purchase rights according to the player’s staking ranks.
  • Obtaining the special collaboration NFTs via auctions
    • There will be a total of two auction sessions, and bidding is open to everyone without any requirements.

More exciting details will be announced in the upcoming days, so please stay tuned for further information!

Additionally, we are proud to announce that we are currently working on partnerships with various NFT projects for even further development and excitement for GensoKishi Online. We will be announcing the details as they are officially finalized.

Make sure to check our official website and within each communities as we will actively be providing up-to-date information. Join our various communities so that you don’t miss out!

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GensoKishi Online will continue to provide cryptogame enthusiasts with updates on this project.

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