UGC to Earn / Play and ECO

ABOUT What is UGC to earn ?

In "UGC (User Generated Contents)", you can create fashionable equipment, purchase land in the metaverse space, and we are planning a function where individuals and companies can manufacture and sell NFT items as well as freely edit constructions and structures, objects, natural environment, placement of AI characters, placement of monsters, etc., and will realize BtoCtoC entry of various companies, manufacturers, games, and animations.

Updated contents after release will include sales of NFTs related to the production rights of "fashionable equipment" and land NFTs related to the production rights of "buildings, monsters and dungeons".

NFT regarding production rights for fashionable equipment

Those who have this right can make their favorite fashionable equipment and register them in the game as NFT items.
It will be possible to make many products and build a brand to sell them.
In the future, manufacturers of various types such as corporate brands and animations will enter the market.

NFT on land rights and production rights

By purchasing land, you can freely redesign the objects on the map, set your own NFTs as rare drop items for the monsters that appear there, and then release it to other players. You can also set up an entrance fee for the map and earn rights revenue from the map.

ABOUT What is Play and ECO ?

Players can earn income through NFT sales and ROND (game money) by accepting requests in the Metaverse world,
adventuring dungeons with friends and defeating strong enemies to acquire valuable items in the game.

For example, if users get the strongest sword in the dungeon, they can change that into NFT and sell it.
This feature is the main "Play and ECO" element in this game.

Sometimes you can earn unexpected income by acquiring rare items. It will be a great pleasure to achieve this with your friends.
In addition, all items in the Metaverse world have a fixed distribution quantity. If you get a rare item, the value will increase as the number of players increases and the demand increases.



MV stands for Metaverse. It is the name of the currency used outside the game to form the Metaverse. By owning MV points, you can have various rights inside and outside the game.

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  • Function to buy fashionable equipment at a bargain price
  • Right to power up fashionable equipment
  • Function to buy various paid items at MV exclusive prices
    (items for developing the game)
  • Voting right to decide the policy of this game
  • Function to stake MV
    (function to deposit MV and receive ROND as rewards)
  • Right to participate in the closed a-test and closed B-test
  • Right to make and provide fashionable equipment (UGC function)
    (Only for those who are staking MV above a certain amount)
    * Support for updates after the service starts
  • Right to participate in the auction of the right to make lands and monsters
    (Only for those who are staking MV above a certain amount)
    * Support for updates after the service starts
  • Purchase the right to make land and monsters
  • Commission for in-game trades


In this game, the in-game economy is composed of game money called ROND. ROND is like a Stable token and has the role of exchanging ROND earned in the game on the cryptocurrency exchange.
ROND is linked to the price of the cryptocurrency exchange, the value of ROND also changes even in the game, and arbitrage trading is adopted even in the in-game weapon shop.

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How to use ROND

  • Used when purchasing in-game items, base weapons, and protectors
  • Used when participating in a mode that can only be participated under certain conditions
  • Used when strengthening and training base equipment
  • Used when you want to warp between MAPs and shorten time
  • Used as entry fee to participate an event
  • Used as entry fee when playing with UGC maps
  • Used as the challenge fee to take the quest