Announcement of UGC [Elemental Knights Online R] Gacha Selected Works!!

Announcement of UGC [Elemental Knights Online R] Gacha Selected Works!!

Thank you for always playing with GensoKishi online.

We announced before about a collaboration between Web3 and Web2 services which UGC equipment created with GENSO MAKER will be integrated into Elemental Knights Online R(as Elemental Knights R).

■Service Collaboration with Elemental Knights R via UGC:
The development team of Elemental Knights R has conducted a selection process for works created through the 'UGC function', and particularly captivating pieces have been chosen to be packaged into the Elemental Knights R Cosplay Equipment Gacha.
We have excluded works from individuals who requested that their creations not be considered for inclusion, as per requests received through inquiries at GensoKishi Online until February 29, 2024.

And now, we are excited to announce that the development team of Elemental Knights R has selected works to be featured in the 'UGC Cosplay Gacha'!!


Item name:headdress
Creator's name:トゥナ

Item name:Butterfly Robe
Creator's name:Liv
Description:Butterfly Robe

Item name:Nyancos L
Creator's name:CHII
Description:Nyancos L

Item name:Angel Nyaaa
Creator's name:親方様と梅ねりり
Description:Angel Nyaaa

Item name:Long-tailed Tit
Creator's name:arako
Description:Long-tailed Tit

Item name:Mustard-colored backpack
Creator's name:SULEBOX
Description:I hope you enjoy the silhouette of the backpack on your lower back

Item name:girl wand
Creator's name:god professor
Description:magical girl

Item name:TAKOYAKI Hammer
Creator's name:tamapos
Description:TAKOYAKI Hammer

Item name:Cats on balloon
Creator's name:kt
Description:There may be consequences for forgetting to fight for cuteness.

Item name:Sweet waffle
Creator's name:Nere
Description:Waffles are delicious.

Item name:strawberry shake
Creator's name:pinoko
Description:Pinoko's strawberry shake

Item name:Hana's toy fish
Creator's name:pinoko
Description:Hana's toy fish

Item name:Shark Summer
Creator's name:にゃーぶる
Description:Shark Summer

Item name:Alamo Glasses
Creator's name:yoyoyo-よよよ
Description:Alamode exclusive gal sunglasses for good luck.

Item name:panda eye mask
Creator's name:colors
Description:cute panda eye mask

Item name:Half eaten bread
Creator's name:芋餅
Description:A supreme product that creates a hurried atmosphere

Item name:Demon King's Seal Mask
Creator's name:ガルア
Description:Seal the demon king's magical power

Item name:ASTRO BODY
Creator's name:RYXRYZ The Legendary NFTsmith
Description:A futuristic astronaut suit with Nano-Tech features.

Item name:ASTRO LEGS
Creator's name:RYXRYZ The Legendary NFTsmith
Description:A futuristic astronaut suit with Nano-Tech features.

Item name:Mechanical Wings
Creator's name:いお
Description:A slightly mechanical wing

Item name:Genso Tathagata holybook
Creator's name:宮。
Description:Genso Tathagata holybook

Item name:Little Butterfly Satchel
Creator's name:Liv
Description:Little Butterfly Satchel

Item name:The Sealed Sword
Creator's name:ntako
Description:A sword in which something mighty is sealed

Item name:Exculiber
Creator's name:Branchy

Item name:mechanic sword
Creator's name:YOSK
Description:A sword made by a lost civilization.

Item name:Fourth Element Sword
Creator's name:Elizabeth
Description:A sword that holds the power of the four elements that make up the world

Item name:God Sun Ra wAs
Creator's name:calpas
Description:God Sun Ra wAs

Item name:MS watch
Creator's name:MABLE STYLE
Description:MS watch

Item name:Shield of Hope
Creator's name:zEgA
Description:An ancient shield used by a mysterious knight of the Elemental World. Where it came from is still un

Item name:8bit sunglasses
Creator's name:sumi
Description:Familiar sunglasses.

Item name:Round Glasses
Creator's name:ntako
Description:Traditional Crafted Round Glasses

Item name:Nk series HeadGears 2
Creator's name:N3k03.
Description:AMGS(Android Mechanics Gears Suit) communication gear parts ver2.


Above 32 pieces of work will be featured in Elemental Knights R as cosplay equipment.

The release date for the "UGC Cosplay Gacha" where these works will be implemented, is scheduled for April 18, 2024 (Thursday)
Additionally, within the Elemental Knights R service, we will publish a page listing the creators whose works have been selected for UGC cosplay adoption.

▼For those whose works have been selected:                             
For each selected work, we will transfer $20 USDT to the wallet address provided for the usage fee of the UGC.
Transfers will be made sequentially after the maintenance ends on March 14 (Thursday). 
We won't be able to contact each creator individually but please understand that this announcement and the payment serve as notification. 

■ Other Notices:
・Model data may be adjusted slightly according to the specifications of Elemental Knights R.
・Due to the gameplay considerations, dedicated rarity may be issued, and unique equipment stats for Elemental Knights R may be included. Please understand that the rarity is set at the discretion of the game.
・Information such as thumbnails and item names will be reflected as much as possible based on the original data. However, there may be cases where only English names are set for the equipment names.In such cases, we will name the items as per Elemental Knights R's conventions and include the original names in the item description. 


Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has utilized the UGC feature to create wonderful works.

In the future, GENSO PROJECT aims to further energize UGC in various ways. Even if your work was not selected this time, we hope that creators will continue to enjoy UGC.


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