Announcement regarding the JN Token Whitelist for MV Staking Users

Announcement regarding the JN Token Whitelist for MV Staking Users

This announcement is for those who are utilizing the GENSO PROJECT and MV Staking.

In collaboration with GENSO, "Jan-Navi" which is preparing for the upcoming listing of JN Tokens, has decided to offer a whitelist privilege to those who are staking MV. This allows early purchase of JN Tokens at a pre-sale price.

The offer includes the right to purchase an NFT that guarantees "10,000 JN Tokens plus additional benefits."
The selling price is planned to be $100 USDT (pre-sale price of $0.01 per JN Token).
As a purchase bonus, you will also receive 100 "Jan-Navi Tickets" (worth 1,000 yen) that can be used to participate in eSport matches.

■How to Apply

If you are staking MV, please send the following information via this form:

  • Your name (a character name is fine)
  • Wallet address
  • Contact email address

Later, a lottery will be conducted, with a higher chance of winning for those who stake more MV. Winners will be notified by email about the purchase procedure.

Application deadline: March 29 (Friday), 14:00 (Japan Time)
Number of winners: 30
Notification to winners: Scheduled to start from April 1 (Monday)


■About the "10,000 JN Tokens Guaranteed +α"

This refers to an NFT that can be imported into Jan-Navi, which provides the following benefits:

  1. Before the day or two days before JN Tokens are listed on a cryptocurrency exchange, 10,000 JN Tokens (valued at $0.01 each) will be airdropped to the wallet address of those who imported the NFT.
  2. VIP user rights will be granted to the Jan-Navi account that imported the NFT.

Exclusive campaigns for VIP users will be held. Participating and meeting the conditions could increase the amount of JN Tokens you receive on the planned airdrop day.

Consider this NFT as a guarantee of "10,000 JN Tokens with a chance to receive even more".

■ Jan-Navi ✕ GENSO Roundtable Discussion Announcement!

We will host a roundtable discussion for the GENSO community with representatives from the Jan-Navi project, aimed at those who are not familiar with Jan-Navi, JN tokens, and Jannavi tickets.

Date and Time: March 15th, 11:00 AM(UTC+9), at GENSO X Space
Speakers: Representatives from the Jan-Navi Project
Listeners: Maxi, NONOKA, GENSO_D

GENSO PROJECT will continue to support projects that vitalize WEB3.

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