(November 21, 2023 addition) Collaborative event with Hikone-city, IZUMO AR and GENSO !!

(November 21, 2023 addition) Collaborative event with Hikone-city, IZUMO AR and GENSO !!


Thank you for always playing GensoKishi Online.


We will be hosting an AR event in Hikone City with IZUMO AR!!


▼ Date : November 22, 2023 ~ January 31, 2024(※The event will conclude once all the NFTs run out)

▼ What
Hikone City :https://www.city.hikone.lg.jp/shisei/press_release/5/11/23769.html
IZUMO AR:https://www.izumo.world/gensohikone


As you explore the streets of Hikone,
you can visit locations set within the IZUMO AR app to discover AR treasure chests.
By tapping on these chests, you can get NFTs!

For detailed information on how to register and use the IZUMO AR app, please download link here.
the IZUMOar iOS
the IZUMOar Android

(November 21, 2023 addition) 
Software versions: iOS 15.0 and latest Android 11 and latest
*Note: For Android, devices that are not supported by Google Play and Google ARCore, even after Android 11, will remain unsupported (such as certain Chinese manufacturers).
If you are unsure, please refer to the Google ARCore support list:

*Opening the IZUMO AR page on Google Play and the App Store, incompatible devices will display as "Unable to install”.

As a special gift from Genso,
we will distribute the NFT 'Ohmi Beef Sukiyaki Croquette' as a food material NFTs
when you collect 10 of them, can be used to synthesize 'Hikonyan's R-shoulder cosplay accessory'.
(※You can create it by selecting the recipe from the 'CRAFT NFT' menu on the marketplace.)


▼ NFT Name : Ohmi-beef Sukiyaki Croquette
NFT Contract : GensokishiOnline.Items

▼ Available : 1000
▼ Explanation :

[Food] Consumes Fullness for +HP8 +MP2 /10secs and +20 STR.
In Hikone, Ohmi beef Sukiyaki is an essential dish on a special day. This is a croquette that resembles this taste.


This item can be imported into the GensoKishi Online game and used as a consumable.
※※ Please note that if you wish to synthesize the 'Hikonyan's cosplay accessory,'
make sure not to use it in the game! ※※


▼ NFT Name : Cute and fluffy HIKONYAN
NFT Contract : GensokishiOnline.v2
Cosplay Equipment/shoulder/Rare(Parameterized, can be used as enhancement material)

▼ Available : 100
▼ Parameter :

DEF : 140
HP : 40
MP : 40
STR : 20
VIT : 20
DEX : 20


We plan to set up a total of 10 locations for 'Ohmi Beef Sukiyaki Croquette' within the IZUMO AR app. 
(Each location will allow one person to get one 'Ohmi Beef Sukiyaki Croquette'.)
One of these locations will require you to input a password obtained by talking to an NPC in the Hikone LAND.
Without the password, you won't be able to get the Croquette from that location.

Make sure to keep the password safe by visiting Hikone LAND.


At the same time, the mall in Hikone LAND will feature advertisements from eight real businesses operating in Hikone City, along with NPCs. 

(November 21, 2023 addition) 
How to go to Hikone LAND(※This is a page in Japanese.)

Why not visit and explore the real Hikone City as well!

The map of Hikone LAND has been updated, and the newly added buildings and scenery were created by students from the following school!

We hope that many of you will enjoy exploring at Hikone LAND!


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