Announcement: New MV Staking Release

Announcement: New MV Staking Release

Thank you for playing GENSO PROJECT.

We have released a new version of MV Staking, called MV Staking v2.0, which differs in reward distribution and rules from the previous MV Staking. Here's an overview:

▼Access Method
Please select "Polygon v2.0" from the Staking menu on the GENSO ONLINE official website.
For users of the smartphone version, please access from the link below.

MV Staking v2.0 allows you to stake MV to cultivate fields, and when cultivation is complete, you can receive NFTs as rewards.

■How to

  1. Access MV Staking v2.0 and log in to your wallet.
    If you're using a phone, access via the browser function of your wallet app.
  2. Specify the amount of MV you want to stake from the Staking menu and press the Staking button.
  3. When the crop points in the field are full, press the Harvest Basket button to receive the NFT.

※ The connected chain is the Polygon network.
※ MATIC (gas fee) is required for MV staking and NFT reception.
※ Rewards may be reset upon reception, so be sure to complete NFT reception before unstaking.

■About the Fields

Stake a certain amount of MV to unlock fields, allowing for more efficient harvesting of NFTs.
The unlocking conditions based on the deposited amount are as follows:

Field4:50000 or more MV

※ Unlocking the 5th field or more is currently not possible.

■About Cultivation Points

  • Cultivation points are set every Tuesday at 18:00 based on MV staking amount, MV price, and market price of NFT rewards.
  • The allocated cultivation points depend on the ratio of your staked MV to the total staked MV.
    The more MV you stake relative to the total staked amount, the more cultivation points you will earn.
  • If the number of fields increases, the same amount of cultivation points will be allocated to each field. But increasing the number of fields doesn't decrease the growth of each field.

About Harvestable NFTs

  • You can view the current season's reward list under "Harvestable Crops" on the staking screen.
  • All rewards have equal chances of being selected, but items with more remaining quantities have a higher chance of being chosen.
  • When all set rewards are collected, the season ends, and new rewards are set.

For more details, please refer to the "Staking Explanation" on the staking screen.


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