【Clay NFT】 Frequently Asked Questions

【Clay NFT】 Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for playing GensoKishi Online.

We want to address some questions and user queries regarding Clay NFT, UGC and Opensea.

■Clay NFT
This is NFT material for doing UGC.
Each clay is set with a different tokenID, so even if they are the same part, they are treated as different things.

■What we do in UGC
When you send us a clay NFT with your work, we rewrite the NFT metadata of the tokenID sent to us and link it to work, replace it with the item name and thumbnail icon image desired by the creator, and then return the NFT to you.

When various projects issue NFTs, Opensea automatically detects them, saves the item name, thumbnail information, and metadata to its cache server, and displays them on its platform.
The problem is that Openesa keeps the information of the first NFT even if the NFT's metadata is rewritten in the middle of the process.
In other words, if you want to see your UGC work on the Opessa side after you have done UGC, you need to manually update the information on the Opensea side to the latest information. To do so, click the "Update metadata" button on the attached image, and the metadata information of the relevant NFT will then be synchronized.
7/813:45 (JST) Image added

Doing this before transferring or selling any UGC work would be best to ensure you are using the correct assets.
If you do not update the metadata information, this may result in sending an actual UGC design instead of simply a clay NFT and vice versa. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any issues.

Thank you for your continued support of the GENSO PROJECT.

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