Collaborates for the First Time in the World with PlayStation 4® and Nintendo Switch®!Implementation of Elemental Knights Online R and Metaverse collaboration!!

Collaborates for the First Time in the World with PlayStation 4® and Nintendo Switch®!Implementation of Elemental Knights Online R and Metaverse collaboration!!

Thank you for always playing with GENSO PROJECT.

At GENSO PROJECT, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Web3 and Web2 services. Specifically, UGC equipment created with GENSO MAKER will be integrated into Elemental Knights Online R(as Elemental Knights R)for the first time in the world.

This means your UGC gear can appear not only on PC and smartphones but also in the gaming worlds of PlayStation4® and Nintendo Switch®!!


■About Elemental Knights Online R:

Elemental Knights Online R is a popular MMORPG allows players to embark on real-time adventures and battles with a multitude of people. It is a service that served as the prototype for GensoKishi online and is available on various deviced, including Android, iOS, NintendoSwitch, and PS4.

GensoKishi Online is known for its familiar professions and the ability to build diverse combat styles through combinations with cosplay equipment. It features unique content that is not available in GensoKishi Online, and numerous updates have been made. If you are a user of GensoKishi Online, we believe you will find it an accessible title.


■Service Collaboration with Elemental Knights R via UGC:

UGC functionality is a crucial theme in constructing the Metaverse of GensoKishi Online. Unique and appealing creations by numerous creators are regularly transformed into cosplay equipment through this UGC feature.

As part of the GENSO PROJECT, we aim to build an economic ecosystem in the Metaverse. In this initiative, we will select particularly attractive works from those created through the 'UGC feature'. These selected works will be packaged into Elemental Knights R's cosplay equipment gacha by the development team. This demonstrates a practical example of UGC creations transcending project boundaries and being repurposed in other works.


■Selection Process for Targeted Works:

The program will proceed as follows:

① Deadline for work selection
 We will select approximately 25 works that creators wish to provide to Elemental Knights R by Frbrurary 29th 2024.

② Announcement of selected works & reward distribution
 We will announce the selected works and distribute rewards in mid-March 2024 through announcements on Elemental Knights R and GensoKishi online.

③ Gacha release timing
 We aim to release the Gacha around mid-April 2024.
 It's important to note that the concept of NFTs will not be introduced in Elemental Knights R as a Web2.0 service.
 Items obtained within Elemental Knights R will be for in-game use only.


■Selection Criteria for Works

The Elemental Knights R management team will use their judgment to select particularly attractive works.
Works falling into the following cases will be excluded:
・Models that have passed the UGC model review but have not completed the NFT conversion by exchanging clay NFTs.
・Works judged to imitate the form or idea of other creations.
・Works deemed inappropriate for expression toward young children.
・Works deemed to violate public order and morals.
・Works judged to promote criminal activities.
・Other cases where the Elemental Knights R management team deems the work inappropriate.
・If there is a request not to choose one's own work from the GensoKishi Onine inquiries by February 29th 2024
*If no such request is made, all relevant UGC works will be considered as candidates by default.


■Rewards and Benefits:

  • The selected works will have thier model data and item names implemented directly as cosplay equipment in Elemental Knights R. These will be available on various devices, including Android, iOS, NintendoSwitch, PS4 and more.
  • For each selected work, $20 USDT will be sent to the wallet address provided by the creator as a usage fee for the work. 
    In some cases, several works from one creator may be chosen.
  • As a bonus, the names of creators whose works are selected will be credited in Elemental Knights R's credits (staff roll).
  • You are free to include the fact of your adoption as an achievement on your resume. We encourage students and others to take on the challenge of UGC.

■Data of UGC Equipment:

  • The model data may be fine-tuned to align with the specifications of Elemental Knights R.
  • Due to gameplay considerations in Elemental Knights R, a dedicated rarity may be assigned, and Elemental Knights R's unique equipment stats may be incorporated. Please be aware that the rarity is set at the discretion of Elemental Knights R.
  • Additionally, information such as thumbnails and item names will be reflected as closely as possible to the original data.

■Important Notes:

  • Selected UGC equipment will be announced in advance.
  • Individual notifications will not be sent to the creators of selected UGC equipment.
  • As mentioned earlier, if there are creators who prefer their model data not to be used, please contact us individually via inquiries
  • We plan to introduce a checkbox during the application in GENSO MAKER, allowing creators to grant permission for Elemental Knights R usage.
  • While the rights to UGC equipment belong to the creators, please acknowledge that rights related to Elemental Knights R's usage of UGC equipment will be transferred to the Elemental Knights R management team.