Welcome Our New Genso Ambassador ! !

Welcome Our New Genso Ambassador ! !

【Welcome New member of Genso Ambassodor!】

Thank you very much for always playing GensoKishi Online.
We would like to announce that we added a new ambassador to join the team.

■2023 GENSO Ambassador                                                                        
橘 和奈 Aina Tachibana
Idol / Fukushima revival Project「HAMADOORI13 PR Leader」

A multilingual talent proficient in Japanese, English, and Chinese will serve as an ambassador, taking on promotional activities in various media and local government events.
Also serving as the 'HAMADOORI13 PR Leader' for the Fukushima Reconstruction Project, they will engage in diverse activities as an ambassador, strengthening collaboration between GensoKishi and local authorities, participating in UGC events, and more!

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