Notice of GENSO Leaderboard Update

Notice of GENSO Leaderboard Update

Thank you for participating in the GENSO project.

On June 7, 2024, we updated the GENSO leaderboard.

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▼ Update Details

① Changed to consolidate scores from multiple wallet addresses into a single wallet address.

We integrated scores based on the following algorithm:
1) The wallet address has been linked to a GensoKishi Online game account at least once.
2) However, scores are not integrated for wallet addresses linked to multiple game accounts.

Additionally, wallet addresses not linked to GensoKishi Online but used for:
 - Staking
 - Purchasing NFTs in the marketplace
 - Participating in past NFT auctions
are still listed in the rankings.

② Added evaluation for UGC creators

 We have decided to evaluate those engaged in economic activities as UGC creators in the GENSO ecosystem.
The value is determined based on the secondary distribution generated by the created works and scored based on our unique calculations.

The above are the changes for this update. The next leaderboard update is targeted for mid-July.

Thank you for your continued support of the GENSO project.

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