GENSO MAKER UGC Equipment: Notice of Partial Regulation Changes

GENSO MAKER UGC Equipment: Notice of Partial Regulation Changes

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi online.

Regarding UGC equipment, we would like to inform you of some changes to the regulations.

UGC equipment is being applied for daily, and we are continually amazed by the various ideas and ingenuity of our creators. While we aim to maintain regulations that allow for even greater freedom of expression, we also need to make some changes to ensure the smooth operation of the game.

■Changes to Evaluation Criteria

・Relaxation of criteria for missing model file
Previously, we would return submissions for review if there were missing model file or gaps between model and character files, as it could indicate unintended issues. 

However, we have noticed that intentionally omitting certain elements or having missing file has become an important creative choice for many submissions. 

Additionally, since creators can preview their models during the submission process, we will now approve submissions that may appear to have missing elements at first glance.

We encourage you to continue expressing your unique worlds and ideas through GensoKishi Online!!

■Additional Regulation

・Minimum polygon count of "1" added
If the polygon count is 0, there is a risk of the game not functioning properly due to unintended behaviors. Therefore, during the zip file output in the UGC check tool and GENSO UGC Model Preview, we will set the minimum polygon count to "1" and flag any submissions with a count of 0 as errors.

Even with a polygon count of "1", you can still create transparent UGC models. So, if you are creating transparent elements (such as making parts transparent), please proceed accordingly.

To accommodate this change, both UGC check tool and GENSO UGC Model Preview will be updated version 1.1.3, and the minimum required version will be updated.

If you wish to create completely transparent elements, please set the polygon count to 1 and submit with a transparent texture.

Additionally, as a production technique, when using transparent textures or single-color textures, you can reduce file size by submitting textures in smaller units such as 2*2, rather than adhering strictly to 512*512. Feel free to try this approach for size reduction!

We appreciate your understanding.

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