【Feb 15th】Notice of Maintenance

【Feb 15th】Notice of Maintenance

Thank you for always playing GENSO PROJECT.

We will be conducting maintenance on GensoKishi Online on February 15th, 2024, from 5:00 to 9:00  (UTC).
During the maintenance period, GensoKishi Online will be unavailable to use.


The following are the details of this maintenance:

■Addition of drop materials required for skill unlocking.
 We are currently adjusting the balance of skills in the CS environment for the skills that can be acquired in the skill unlocking quest. Please wait for more details to be officially released.
 Prior to the implementation of the skill unlocking quest, drop materials required for skill unlocking will be added starting from this maintenance.
 Please refer to this spreadsheet for information on which monsters drop which items.

■Addition of left-hand SR equipment for Drag jobs to the monster drops in 'Brutality Tower, Grey Wing Tower'.
 Please refer to this spreadsheet for information on equipment performance.

■Revising the skill cancel method and adding a skill cancel button.
Previously, we changed the specification so that using the same skill during casting would cancel the skill partway through. However, we received feedback that this implementation was inconvenient for those who frequently use certain skills. Therefore, we have implemented a button to cancel skills during casting.
 The shortcut key for skill cancelation is as follows:

  • Keyboard: SHIFT + Z
  • Gamepad: R2 + L3

■We will add an expression for when disconnections occur.
 The status display area of players who experience disconnections will be changed to become semi-transparent.

■Changes to the minimap display specifications.
Previously, monsters were indicated in red and players in blue on the minimap. We have changed this to make both red and blue blink when a monster and a player are in the same location to indicate their presence.

■Review and adjustment of drop settings for some monsters that are quest targets.
To avoid competition between players hunting for quest objectives and those hunting normally, we will separate monsters into those that only drop quest items and those that only drop other items (including cash items) for the relevant quests.

Target Monsters and Locations
Location:Dragon's Jowl (near entrance)
Quest Monster: Gundal Ogre
Additional Monster: Gudale Ogre

Location: Mt. Arroz (near entrance)
Quest Monster: Mime Puyon
Additional Monster: Puyon Frost

Location: Eltos Rampart
Quest Monster: Ritual Basser
Additional Monster: Tual Basser

Quest Monsters will only drop quest items.
Additional Monsters will be placed a little away from the quest monsters.
And drop items previously held by quest monsters (including cash items).
Will be a different color from the quest monsters.

■"Chillizard" and "Ancient Knight's Shield" will undergo a balance adjustment to increase their CND durability.
 These equipment pieces were set to degrade more quickly than intended, so we have decided to enhance their durability.
 As part of this balance change, players who own these items will receive a repair tool (left-hand) for equipment.
 Eligible players can receive the item upon logging in after the maintenance.
 Please note that the deadline for item retrieval is February 29, 2024, at 5:00 am (UTC).

■The completion time of ROND exports will be changed to the time when the blockchain payment is completed.
 Previously, the ROND export screen indicated the time when the export process was completed as the completion time. However, after this update, we will look at the time when ROND is transferred to the wallet address in use on the blockchain.
 *Even after this update, to ensure proper completion of the process, please refrain from transitioning screens until the export screen displays the completion status.

■The maximum skill point display has been added to the skill tree screen.
 Previously, only the remaining skill points were displayed, but now we will show the maximum amount of points that can be allocated in total.

■We will implement the display of the range circle for area skills before target selection.
 When using target-selective area skills, the range circle will be displayed to indicate which monsters are within the affected area, as it was previously unclear which range of monsters would be impacted.

■We will implement a feature to display the range circle of area skills for a minimum of 1 second.
 For skills without an incantation, the range circle was not displayed, making it difficult to understand the effective range. Therefore, we will ensure that the range circle is displayed for at least 1 second to improve clarity regarding the area of effect.

・When retrieving a ring from the warehouse, a equipment dialog will now be displayed.
 Previously, when retrieving base equipment such as weapons or armor from the warehouse, a dialog prompting equipment was displayed if the equipment could make the player stronger than their current status. However, this feature was not applied to rings, so it has been implemented now.

■Have corrected the calculation error in status calculation when equipping items.
 Previously, when there were decimal values in the internal status, there was a discrepancy of ±1 in the displayed status increase between before and after equipping items. However, we will adjust the post-equipment value to be plus. Due to this adjustment, some parameters displayed while equipped may decrease by 1 compared to before the fix.

■if a job change occurs while chanting, it will result in a job change failure.

■"Arms Repair Master" has been added to Dragon's Gate

■Fixed the movement range of some monsters in Paladias Islands that were too far from their spawn positions.

■Implemented a recovery mechanism for when disconnections occur during entry to the Dragon Tower.
 Previously, if a disconnection occurred when entering the Dragon Tower, reconnection was not possible. With the program modification, attempts to recover will now be made in such situations.

■Added a feature to the skill tree screen where you can review the effects of already acquired skills at lower levels.
WebGL version only. iOS/Android will be supported in the next maintenance.


■Fixes for the following issues.

  • Fixed an issue where error messages were appearing in some of the shared warehouse and interdimensional warehouse NPC messages in English and Traditional Chinese. 
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting on the 5th floor of the Dragon Tower and then reconnecting would prevent normal completion of the Dragon Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where Frey's LR Cosplay Equipment "Frey's Halberd" was increasing attack speed instead of evasion.
  • Fixed a bug where in-app purchases did not add points correctly unless logged out.
  • Fixed an issue in the "Purchase/Sell" shop where the cancel button on the gamepad did not function.
  • Resolved a bug in "Zeth Altar" and "Flame Spirit Lair" where certain monsters were floating in the air by adjusting their placement and movement range.
  • Corrected a bug where under specific conditions, the target of monsters would not disengage after defeating them.
  • Modified the description of the Guardian skill "Triumphant Roar" from "area provocation" to "single-target provocation" to accurately reflect its effect (no changes to the skill's functionality).

We look forward to your continued support of GENSO PROJECT.

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