【July 4th】Maintenance Notice

【July 4th】Maintenance Notice

Thank you for always playing GENSO.

We will conduct GensoKishi online maintenance on July 4th 2024, at 5:00-9:00 (UTC).
During this period, GensoKishi online will be unavailable.

The maintenance details are below:

■Character Name Change Application

  • We are now accepting paid requests for character name changes. For more details, please refer to this announcement.

■Update on Target Information HP Bar


  • All blue


  • Allies: Blue
  • Enemies: Yellow
  • NPCs: Purple

Additionally, we have added an option to enable or disable the display of the HP bar for characters during auto-battle.

■Battle Log Update

  • While checking the battle log during combat, the display position of the log will no longer automatically scroll when new logs appear. However, please note that if the number of logs exceeds 200, the log position will automatically move.

 Debuff icons that can be treated with antidotes will be unified to this icon.

■Skill Range Circle Update

Improved the visibility of the circles indicating the effect range of skills used by monsters. Previously, if a player entered the effect range after the monster started casting, the circle would not be displayed, leading to damage without warning. The size of the circle displayed will now be set larger than the actual skill effect range. Some skills that did not previously display effect ranges will now show them, including:

  • Dreamfall (Warlock)
  • Thunderclap (Right-hand accessory: Thunderclap)
  • Staff of Bonds (Right-hand accessory: Lady's Blessing)
  • Sword of Chivalry (Right-hand accessory: Knight's Glory)

Additionally, a bug where the circle would not disappear after the casting of fast-casting area skills has been fixed.

■Sound-Related Updates

  • Changed the BGM in Dragon Tower.
  • Added sound effects for the appearance of super monsters.
  • Added a miss sound effect for when an attack misses.
  • Adjusted the time it takes for the BGM to switch to the combat BGM at the start of a battle.
  • Adjusted the BGM volume to decrease when level-up and quest-clear sound effects play.
  • Added sound effects to some screen operations that previously lacked them.
  • Added sound effects for each monster skill activation and adjusted some visual effects.

■Map Camera Work Adjustment

  • Adjusted the camera work in Zess Forest to prevent the camera from shaking when hitting tree objects.

■Dragbuster Skill Adjustment

  • Adjusted the skill effect of "Mortal Freeze" to function as intended.


[Debuff] Immobilizes for 20 seconds, reduces physical resistance by 100, and reduces speed and guard value by 90% (canceled by attack). Deals 200 damage upon cancellation. [Cast: None] [Cooldown: 8 seconds] [MP Cost: 22]


[Magic Attack] Deals 200 water attribute magic damage, immobilizes for 20 seconds, reduces physical resistance by 100, and reduces speed and guard value by 90% (canceled by attack). [Cast: None] [Cooldown: 8 seconds] [MP Cost: 22]

The previous version dealt low damage because it referenced the monster's stats for the debuff effect. The new version references the player's stats for damage while applying the debuff effect.

The description for "Freeze Shot (Lv1~Lv4)" will be updated to remove the phrase "shared cooldown with other skills," as it did not actually share a cooldown with other magic gun skills.

Note: Due to the above skill adjustments, a Reset Orb for resetting skill trees will be distributed by Pyong in Elrond Shopping District until 23:59 (UTC) on July 11, 2024. Please use it to reset your skills if necessary.

■Adding a Gear Remover to Dragon's Gate

  • A gear remover will be placed in Dragon's Gate, where frequent gear changes occur.

■Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the potential abilities of equipment could not be viewed at the Dragon's Gate Information Desk and Dragon Coin Shop.
  • Fixed a bug where "Dark Shield Breaker" used by "Savishanoir" on the 36th floor of Apelos Pyrgos Tower applied a debuff instead of causing damage directly.
  • Fixed a bug where the shortcut icon for no-cast skills showed a cooldown display if the target monster moved out of range.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Auto Equipment Replacement" dialog briefly displayed in a small size when acquiring equipment.
  • Fixed a bug where the parameters displayed after "Auto Equipment Replacement" did not include the random bonus from enhancement.
  • Fixed a bug where the sort condition reset after closing the book screen.
  • Fixed a bug where receiving incorrect equipment as book rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where some book rewards could not be received.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI collapsed after registering a new emote to favorites immediately after learning it with the Emote Mastery Book.
  • Fixed a bug where tips only displayed when moving from the character selection screen to the map.
  • Fixed a bug where chat and log did not update while switching menu groups with a connected controller.
  • Fixed a bug where the logo appeared in the lower left corner after turning off the logo and using a stamp in the commemorative photo mode.
  • Fixed a bug where having over 300 NFTs in the wallet prevented the import list from displaying.
  • Fixed a bug where ended gacha remained in the menu banner.
  • Fixed a bug where objects in the eastern part of Zess Forest were inaccessible and allowed climbing on the rocks.
  • Renamed the Fighter's LR headgear in the Starlight series from "Starlight Gear" to "Starlight War Gear" to distinguish it from the Monk's headgear.

Thank you for your continued support of the GENSO PROJECT.

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