【THANKS A LOT】Due to popular demand, the second SYMBIOGENESIS collaboration event has been decided!

【THANKS A LOT】Due to popular demand, the second SYMBIOGENESIS collaboration event has been decided!

 Japanese game company Square Enix's NFT art project "SYMBIOGENESIS" and GENSO have decided to collaborate for the second time.
Similar to the previous one, this time we will actively promote the WEB3 industry by leveraging the synergy between the two companies!

■Collaboration Overview
In this collaboration event, participants will collect NFTs available in both SYMBIOGENESIS and GensoKishi Online, and use them to create limited collaboration equipment NFTs through NFT synthesis.
Furthermore, this event will be easy for newcomers to GensoKishi Online:
 "I've just learned about GensoKishi, If they're collaborating maybe I'll give it a try."
 "I've been playing GensoKishi casually, but maybe I should dive deep into the collaboration."
 "I'll thoroughly strategize as a hardcore GensoKishi user! Let's do this!"
there will be something for everyone to enjoy at this event!

【First part of event】
Date:April 2, 2024 12:00 to April 9 11:59(JPT)
Venue:SYMBIOGENESIS Treasure Hunt
Details:Collect specified Items to obtain the NFT "Spirit's Memory Bottle".

[Spirit's Memory Bottle]
Issuance limit: Out of 3000 points, 150 points will be utilized for this collaboration.

【Second part of event】
Date:From the end of maintenance on April 11, 2024 until by April 25.
Venue:GensoKishi Online
Details:Defeat occasionally appearing limited-time event monsters to obtain the NFT 'Cliff Corn'.

[Cliff Corn]
Issuance limit::Once 30,000 points of materials are collected, you can sequentially craft the following cosplay equipment via NFT synthesis in the GENSO Marketplace. 
Starting from those who have completed collecting the materials:

[SYMBIOGENESIS Collaboration Equipment: Miner Soldier's Energy Handgun](Issuance limit: 75 )
Required materials: Spirit's Memory Bottle x 1 point, Cliff Corn x  200 points
Classification: Cosplay Equipment (Super Rare)

[SYMBIOGENESIS Collaboration Equipment: Miner Soldier's Mask](Issuance limit: 75 )
Required materials: Spirit's Memory Bottle x 1 point, Cliff Corn x 200 points
Classification: Cosplay Equipment (Super Rare)

*Please note that there is a limit to the issuance of collaboration equipment.
 In the order of NFT synthesis (considered as entered at the start of synthesis), once the limit is reached, the above collaboration equipment cannot be selected from the NFT synthesis recipe.

​*For the 'SYMBIOGENESIS Collaboration Equipment:Miner Soldier's Energy Handgun',
SYMBIOGENESIS Collaboration Equipment: Miner Soldier's Mask',
'Spirit Memory Bottle' and 'Cliff Corn' :
 there is no utility on the SYMBIOGENESIS side.

■ Other Announcements Regarding Campaigns

① Follow & Retweet Campaign
Date:March 26 to April 2, 2024
On March 26, 2024 the official X account(@genso_meta)will post information about this event.We will randomly select 10 winners from those who follow and retweet this information to receive 10 "Cliff Corn" each.

② AMA Viewing Campaign
Date: Starting from March 28, 2024, 21:00 (JPT)
We will be holding a joint AMA session with GENSO and SYMBIOGENESIS.
AMA Venue:@genso_meta X Space
We will randomly select 3 winners from those who watch the AMA session to receive 10 "Cliff Corn" each.
SYMBIOGENESIS is also planning to offer gifts, so we look forward to your participation!


SYMBIOGENESIS is a global NFT art project provided by the game company Square Enix, aiming to create a new IP starting from Web3, involving holders and players.
You can enjoy these three experiences:

1: A world story depicted in 2 million letters with themes of "exclusivity" and "distribution."
2: Experience searching for items based on hints.
3: Experience reasoning and speculation from the art of a giant floating continent.

More information about SYMBIOGENESIS

About story


Stay tune for more exciting collaborations!!

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