Expansion of MV Utility!! Enjoy 25% discount on MV usage in the Mahjong app "Jan-Navi"!

Expansion of MV Utility!! Enjoy 25% discount on MV usage in the Mahjong app "Jan-Navi"!

We will soon launch an initiative where you can play at a 25% discount by using MV on the Mahjong app "Jan-Navi", which recently announced its integration with the metaverse!!
Additionally, the issuance of the "JN Token," a token associated with the Jan-Navi project, has been confirmed!Future benefits tied to MV utility and MV Stalker, incorporating JN Tokens, will be implemented.

By promoting initiatives like this, where playing becomes more cost-effective compared to other currencies, collaborations with various projects based on GensoKishi will be established. This aims to enhance the utility and value of MV.

Details on playing 25% discount in Jan-Navi are as follows:
①Import MV into Jan-Navi.
②Convert MV import to in-game coins, "Jan-Navi Points".
③Get 25% more Jan-Navi Points than other payment methods upon conversion!

For example:
・Purchase Jan-Navi Points through in-app payment with ¥10,000.
 ⇨Get 10,000 Jan-Navi Points
・Import MV worth ¥10,000.
 ⇨Get 12,500 Jan-Navi Points!

Playing with MV is more advantageous for enjoying Jan-Navi compared to using other payment methods.

Furthermore, Jan-Navi plans to issue the "JN Token" in the future! 

You'll be able to play e-Sports matchup mode in Jan-Navi using MV, and the in-game coins earned in e-Sports mode can be converted to JN Tokens.

The collaboration between GensoKishi and MV will allow you to convert points earned in Jan-Navi into JN Tokens.
For more details on JN Tokens, refer to the Jan-Navi WP.

In addition, whitelist privileges for MV Stalkers will be granted for JN Tokens in the future.
Further details will be announced by GensoKishi in conjunction with updates on JN Token information. 


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