【Notice】White Paper Update. Added Utility for MV Staking and Benefits for Land Holders!

【Notice】White Paper Update. Added Utility for MV Staking and Benefits for Land Holders!


Thanks for always playing GensoKishi Online.

Thank you for various opinions and feedback on the recently updated White Paper, including utility for MV staking and benefits for LAND holders before the LAND release!

Considering the diverse feedback, we are pleased to announce further additions to the content.

◾️Utility of MV Staking
UGC with effects will be released as a feature available to those who have staked MV above a certain amount.
 ⇨The release is scheduled around April 2024, and we will provide more details on the release date and staking ranks once confirmed.
 ⇨There are numerous effects used in GensoKishi, and users will be able to choose their preferred effect to create UGC equipment with effects. Initially, the selection will be from the effects provided by the operation, but we plan to update to allow users to create their own effects with UGC in the future.

◾️ Benefits for LAND Holders
①Between January and February 2024, we will conduct an airdrop of NFT items that can be used in LAND. The airdrop will be announced at a later date once the preparation of NFTs is complete.
②At the time of the public release of Collection Rooms in Version 1, LAND holders will have access to a greater variety of default object types to decorate their Collection Rooms. For those without LAND, the number of default object types will be limited, allowing LAND holders to design richer spaces in their Collection Rooms.

These utilities and benefits are part of the decisions made at the current stage. We will continue to add updates as needed, ensuring that MV stakers and LAND holders can further support the GENSO project!

For the latest White Paper link below.

We will continue to disclose new service information and schedules as they become available.

Thank you always for your support for GensoKishi Online!

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