Genso's Anniversary, Christmas, and New Year Discord eParty with Bitget!

Genso's Anniversary, Christmas, and New Year Discord eParty with Bitget!

You're all invited to Genso's Anniversary, Christmas, and New Year Discord eParty Campaign with Bitget!

As a commemoration of our first year anniversary and in celebration of the holidays, we decided to host the Genso eParty together with new and existing communities. All new and existing members are welcome and this is a party open to all! We intended to keep this an open party to make great noise across socials, help the project to be promoted further, strengthen bonds, and for all to have fun! 

Let's join hands to break barriers together, and leave our marks on having the most sensational online Web3 party in history, by joining Genso's Discord Online eParty!

The Genso eParty details are as follows:
Date: January 19, 2024, 12:30 UTC
Venue: Genso's Official Discord in Genso Stage Channels
Hosts: Nobara, Don-San, Meg, Mumu, Ekraska, and Janonits
Languages: English, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish
Presented by: Genso & Bitget

In line with this, we have especially curated exciting programs and you are all welcome to join and even WIN exclusive prizes!

Here are the programs below:

1.  UGC compilation showcase video
2.  Bring Me Photo Contest
3.  Short Updates on Upcoming Events and Campaigns
4.  Genso Trivia Game
5.  Guess that Song Game
6.  Genso Amazing Race
7.  Short Closing Remarks 

The total prize pool for this eParty is over $1000 USDT!

To be able to be easier for you to join our events, prior to the eParty, please do the following below:
1. Create an in-game account with Genso with a registered email, and finish upto 4-9 main quest. If you complete only upto 2-4 main quest of the game, there is a program that you might be able to miss out on. 
2. Create a verified account with Bitget along with a submitted and approved KYC. This is a requirement for you to be able to receive your prizes. 

Then, on the date, just before the start of the eParty, please do the following below:
1. During the start of the program, be sure to log your character into the game, and ready up whatever social media channels you have either in YouTube, X, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and etc. 
2. Join us during the livestream in Genso Stage Channels to hear further instructions, as some of our other programs entails listening skills.

Belated happy holidays to you all! Let's continuously grow together, smashingly celebrate GENSO'S DISCORD ePARTY, and wish Genso a Happy Anniversary

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