【3rd UGC Contest is currently in progress】Introduction of entries !

【3rd UGC Contest is currently in progress】Introduction of entries !

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi Online!!

~3rd UGC Contest is currently in progress~

Starting from February 2, 2024, we have begun accepting entries for the 3rd UGC Contest as part of the Creators Program!
Please unleash your creativity and ideas!

■Here is the detail of entries!

1 piece of 3D model design for one part of “Cosplay Equipment”
Applicable Parts: Right hand, Left Hand, Upper body, Lower body, Head, Back, Shoulder- any of the 7 parts.

■Here is the application process!

(1)Review the recruitment guidelines and create the submission artwork.
(2)Capture images or videos of the completed artwork.
(3)Attach the artwork images or videos to X(formerly Twitter), and post using the provided submission post template below.

▼Submission Post Template▼
Work Title:*Up to 10 characters*
Part:*Specify the created part*
Author Name:*Up to 10 characters*
PR Text:*Feel free to include a PR*

(4)Complete the submission.

★Click here for the sponsoring companies and other information★

■We are still acceptiong submissions!
Create new works specifically for the contest♪Submit past creations that were previously made as UGC♪
Submit your UGC entries and get a chance to win fantastic prizes!!

Submission Deadline:
Until March 3, 2024, 14:59(UTC)

■Introduction of Submitted Woks

Here, we'll showcase a random selection of works that have been entered into the contest so far!
Apart from the works featured here, you can also explore other wonderful creations by searching for #GENSOUGC on X (Twitter)♪


Work Title:ヤッピー(朱鷺モデル)
Author Name:セセラギ

Work Title:キツネ

Author Name:Malay(マレ)

Work Title:ドンペンりゅっく
Author Name:にゃーぶる

Work Title:サイコエンジェル
Author Name:Becky

Work Title:キューピッドの弓-恋-
Author Name:Elizabeth

Work Title:ドンペンなりきり帽子
Author Name:CHII

Work Title:ドンペンロボ
Author Name:Becky

Work Title:SWORD OF HOPE ~朱鷺~
Author Name:calpas

Work Title:ドンペンふらいやー
Author Name:にゃーぶる


What a wonderful creations!

Please carefully review the application details and UGC Equipment 3D Model Production Guidelines before submitting.
*If there are any deficiencies in the application or if the work violates the guidelines, the submission may not be treated as an entry. Please be aware of this.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


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