【Important】Please Beware of Malicious Scams

【Important】Please Beware of Malicious Scams

Thank you for always using GENSO PROJECT.

As you are aware, GENSO PROJECT offers services that allow for the import of NFTs, listing on marketplaces, and buying and selling, all facilitated through blockchain technology.

All the processing events required to provide such services are published on the blockchain, ensuring that fair transactions can be conducted on the blockchain.

However, due to the public nature of these transactions, there has been a noticeable increase in the abuse of this feature. Various Web3.0 projects, including GENSO PROJECT, have seen their users' wallet addresses targeted by the automatic distribution of scam tokens.

Scam tokens can be created in both fungible (FT) and non-fungible (NFT) formats. Apps like MetaMask may notify users with a message saying "Received XXXX" when these tokens are received.

Interacting with this notification, such as tapping on it, can execute code contained within these scam tokens. This may lead to your wallet account being compromised, essentially granting permission for third parties to manipulate your assets. Consequently, currencies like MATIC and USDT you own may be withdrawn by unauthorized parties.

Here are some examples of scam tokens that have been identified recently:

  • Acces Liquid-ether.com to claim rewards
  • Airdrop at 5eth.net
  • Reward at 2000usdc.net

These tokens often bear misleading names that suggest the receipt of valuable currency, encouraging users to access or verify them.

Given that Web3.0 projects frequently conduct GiveAway campaigns and unexpected Airdrops, those accustomed to receiving tokens suddenly must exercise particular caution.

If something is sent to your wallet address, we recommend not directly verifying the content through the wallet app. Instead, use tools like polygonscan to check the details of what was sent and whether the sender's wallet address has any relevant connection to you. This approach can help safeguard your valuable assets.

Please be cautious, and thank you for your attention.