【Important Notice】Changes to the ROND Export Mechanism and In-Game Balance Adjustments

【Important Notice】Changes to the ROND Export Mechanism and In-Game Balance Adjustments

Dear fellow knights,

As announced previously, we have been working tirelessly to implement counter measures to prevent BOTs and other illegal activities. Today, we would like to announce that we will be implementing additional measures in order to ensure the safety and security of the GENSO economy,

The balance between ROND imports and exports is very important in order to secure a healthy economy. Also, we also believe it is crucial that we ensure that our ACTUAL users receive benefits and that they do not get disadvantaged by those illegal users.

This is why we will be going into maintenance on the following dates to address this issue.

■Maintenance Date

May 26, 5:00 - 9:00 (UTC)

■Maintenance Details
①We will set a ROND maximum export limit
-The maximum amount of ROND to be placed in the export pool will be equal to the amount of ROND imported into the game the previous day.
-Why? This is to prevent an inbalance where the amount of ROND exported, significantly exceeds the amount imported.
-This will prevent the imbalance as the imported ROND will be moved directly to the export pool.
-The export pool will be refilled every day between 3:00-4:00 UTC.

We believe that if there is significant inbalance between imports/exports, we will not be able to maintain a healthy economy and neither the value of our NFTs. We must secure the value of our NFTs and tokens, which are the very source of our game.

We cannot keep earning without enhancing the value of our NFTs. For example, in the real world, when you invest in real estate such as condominiums, you will not be able to recover your investment only from the rental fees. That will take too long. The real estate itself needs to have some gain in value for you to gain profit. This is the same for NFTs too.

GENSO is committed to ensuring the long-term value of its assets. This measure is one of the measures we are taking to restore the balance and establish a healthy economy.

②We will change the daily withdrawal limit per user

In order to adjust the import/export balance and to ensure that the majority of people receive a healthy allocation, we will be changing the daily withdrawal limit.
This is a temporary measure, and we will be introducing a VIP rank system in the future where each rank has different withdrawal limits.

③In-game balance adjustments
-Reduceing the number of maps, increasing the strength of monsters and reducing their item drop rates in the following area:
 ・Colkia Hole
 ・Dim Netherworld
 ・Halls of Darkness
 ・Zeth Forest(E)
 ・Zeth Forest(W)
 ・Zeth Altar
 ・Fool's Wasteland (N)
 ・Fool's Wasteland (S)
 ・Castellum Aurora Entrance
 ・Castellum Aurora Hall
-Adjusting the re-pop duration of monsters.
-Increasing the frequency of encounters with Super Monsters.
-Extending the duration of Super Monsters' appearances.

The inbalances found in these areas have been corrected.

④Limit on item drops per user per day
-Items will no longer drop if you play more than 6 hours a day.
-Times will be reset at 0:00 (UTC) every day
-Items will not drop, but you can still login and play the game after those 6 hours.
-As an exception, only the Dragon Tower will continue to drop items even after 6 hours of play time.

We have detected that BOTs illegally receiving drops by continuing to play more than 24 hours. To prevent such illegal play, we have set a maximum daily time limit for item drops.

We believe that this will prevent unauthorized players from collecting too many in-game items and make the playing environment more pleasant for our ACTUAL players.


Further plans for the future:

■Secret invite to Pre-release servers =Planned release in June 2023
-Selected players will be invited to test-play new maps and jobs before they are introduced to the public.
-By having these test sessions, we will be able to verify in-game balance before the actual release.
-Access to the pre-release server will only be available to "Fan Club Membership Lv3" holders.
-We will give other rewards/incentives to those who cooperate in our test play too.

■New dedicated VIP servers= Release date TBA
-Currently, we have two servers each for SG and JP regions. We will change one from each region to a VIP-only server.
-The VIP servers will be accessible only to a limited number of users, depending on the VIP rank system to be introduced in the future.
-RONDs imported from the regular server will be moved to the export pool of the regular server, and RONDs imported from the VIP dedicated server will be moved to the export pool of the VIP dedicated server. This will also allow us to secure another economy within the VIP dedicated server.

Further details on the above two points will be provided in due course.

For more regarding illegal game play see:

GENSO is committed to maintaining a solid economy to making this a high-quality, long-term project.
Thank you for your continued support.

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