GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import - 2024 Summer - Campaign!!

GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import - 2024 Summer - Campaign!!

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi Online.
Today we are very excited to announce the start of our GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import - 2024 Summer - Campaign!!

For this Lucky Chance campaign, Chances will not be sold in-game, but will be internally issued based on the amount of RONDs imported. Please consider participating after reviewing the campaign details below!!

■What is the GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import - 2024 Summer - Campaign?
During the campaign period, please import ROND and convert it to paid mROND. (For mobile users, purchasing mROND in the shop will also count towards this campaign.)
For every 50,000 mROND imported, you will be allocated one Lucky Chance ticket at the end of the campaign.

Ex: If you import 30,000 mROND on June 21 and 70,000 mROND on June 22, you will have imported a total of 100,000 mROND, granting you two Lucky Chance tickets.
Chances will not physically appear in your in-game bag or wallet address. Instead, we will calculate the total at the end of the campaign and announce how many Chances were issued to each wallet address. 

Regardless of the number of Chances issued, the prize lineup and points are predetermined.
For details, please refer to the "GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import -2024 Summer-" spreadsheet.
*We will update the amount of mROND imported by everyone on business days.

Since the prize points are predetermined, if the number of Chances issued is less than the number of prizes, all Chances will draw for some prize, and any remaining prizes will not be distributed. In such cases, lower-tier prizes will be drawn as surplus prizes.

■Campaign Period
2024 June 21st - July 11th 6:00AM UTC

■Drawing Period
A lottery drawing is planned for around July 15th, 2024.

■Prize Distribution Method

  • Prizes will be sent out on the next business day following the lottery drawing.
  • mMV will be sent directly to users' game accounts.
  • NFTs will be sent directly to the respective users' wallet address.

We look forward to your continued support of GensoKishi Online.