Updated UGC Check tool

Updated UGC Check tool

Thank you for always playing GENSO Projects.

The UGC check tool for GENSO MAKER has been updated!

■Update details for the UGC check tool:
・With this version, you can now check the appearance and basic motions when equipped using the check tool.

The model data is displayed in the position set by the Equip Slot in Unity,
and you can play the attack motion by pressing the newly added "Play attack motion".

Play Attack Motion is played in order:
1. the common motion (with some exceptions)
2. followed by the unique motion of the weapon type

The motions are the same as those played in order when you click (tap) on your character in the character selection screen.
The same motions may be played even for different weapon types due to common motions. Please note that the motions are intended to be used as reference only.

※All files created prior to the update can still be submitted. However, after Nov. 16th 6:00 UTC, only data created with the latest version of the check tool will be accepted.
※Please note that it does not guarantee the exact same appearance within the GensoKishi

You can download it from the UGC tool in GENSO MAKER.

Hope you will enjoy more UGC creation using UGC check tool !!


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