Announcement of LAND (Ver2.0) Update

Announcement of LAND (Ver2.0) Update

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July 4, 2024 - Today, the LAND platform of GENSO Metaverse has been updated to version 2.0. This update allows layout data created with "GENSO Maker" to be published via "LAND Viewer," providing new value to users.

The main contents of the update are as follows:

  • Publishing LAND NFT Layout Data on "LAND Viewer":
    With this update, layout data for LAND created in GENSO Maker can now be optionally published on "LAND Viewer."

How to Participate:
Anyone can experience the joy of building their own metaverse space through "Create LAND."
For more details, please visit this URL:

Viewing Method:
You can also visit LAND created by other users through "LAND Viewer."
For more details, please visit this URL:


■ About the LAND Placement Feature of GENSO Maker
LAND allows you to freely place objects and more within your virtual space.
In the future, we plan to implement features such as setting entry fees for LAND
and allowing the placement of user-generated content (UGC) objects.
※ Currently, even those who do not own LAND can use it for trial purposes.

◆Ver2.0 Update Details:
・Added a "Publishing Settings" to the main menu of the LAND Housing.
By selecting one of the currently saved data files and checking the "Publish" option, you can make it accessible on "LAND Viewer."

Important Notes:
・You will not be able to encounter other players in real-time within the published LAND.
・"SAMPLE LAND," which can be placed if you do not own LAND, cannot be published.
・If you buy, sell, or transfer LAND NFTs to another wallet address while in a published state, the published state will be retained.
・In Ver2.0, regardless of the type of LAND you own, the number of objects, texture capacity, and polygon count will be set to "LAND1×1" specifications. If you own "ESTATE2×2" or "ESTATE3×3" in the future, the number of objects, texture capacity, and polygon count will be further expanded.
・Even if you do not own LAND, you can continue to place objects, but there will be limitations on the number of objects you can place.
・If you buy, sell, or transfer LAND NFTs to another wallet address, the save data will also be transferred as is.
・If you do not possess UGC equipment placed in the save data within your wallet address, it will not be displayed during save loading.
・In Ver1.1, it is not possible to place the "DOGE Statue."

■GENSO Maker operation manual
To learn about the basic operations of LAND, please visit the provided URL.

Furthermore, we are advancing methods for constructing LAND utilizing AI, so we will evolve services such as UGC and LAND to make it easy and enjoyable for anyone to build in the metaverse world!


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