【UGC NFTs completed in as fast as within the same day!】Achieved full automation after user UGC submissions!!!

【UGC NFTs completed in as fast as within the same day!】Achieved full automation after user UGC submissions!!!

Four months have passed since we released the UGC function, and we have received applications for about 2,500 pieces filled with various unique designs.
Until now, there have been many applications featuring unique 3D models and textures specific to UGC, and in response, we have been updating the GENSO MAKER side accordingly.

With the accumulation of numerous works and the improvement of GENSO MAKER's accuracy, the file check that was semi-automatic after UGC file submission will be updated to full automation after today's maintenance.
This allows the process from UGC submission to NFT conversion to operate automatically 24/7, significantly speeding up the process from application to approval.

Specifically, the fully automatic system will operate according to the following time schedule:

  • UGC file submission: Automatic file checks every 30 minutes
     ⇒ Results will be returned within a maximum of 30 minutes after submission.
  • NFT conversion of approved UGC file: Automatic conversion process twice a day
     ⇒ Previously, this was done automatically once a day (during the night in Taiwan time), but now it will be increased to twice a day, around midday and nighttime in Taiwan time.
    ※ Initially, we will test this twice a day due to server constraints.

As the process from UGC file submission to NFT conversion, and from NFT conversion to importing into the game or listing on the marketplace, can now be done within the same day at the earliest, it will provide a comfortable environment for all users to use UGC.

Additionally, GENSO is currently progressing with systems that allow anyone to easily use UGC and LAND, utilizing AI. We aim to create a world where anyone can become a creator and freely construct the metaverse world. We will continue to update both GensoKishi and GENSO MAKER.

Furthermore, we have outlined our policy regarding actions taken for UGC designs that infringe on copyright in our terms of use.

Please continue to support GensoKishi Online.

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