【Mar 28th】Notice of Maintenance <Added on March 28th, 2024, at 10:50(UTC)>

【Mar 28th】Notice of Maintenance <Added on March 28th, 2024, at 10:50(UTC)>

Added on March 28th, 2024, at 10:50(UTC)
"The Unveiling of the New MV Staking" is scheduled to be adjusted to around 13:00 (UTC) for its release time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Additionally, we have posted additional information regarding "Cosplay Reforge," including details about mMV, EXP, and Universal fiber.

Thank you for always playing GENSO PROJECT.

We will be conducting maintenance on GensoKishi Online on March 28th, 2024, from 3:00 to 9:00  (UTC).
During the maintenance period, GensoKishi Online will be unavailable to use.

・Announcement on the Release of High-rise Dragon Tower (Tentative Name)
 We had previously announced the planned release of the High-rise Dragon Tower (Tentative Name) for late March.
 However, after determining that further adjustments to the difficulty level and other aspects are necessary, we have decided to postpone its release.
 We deeply apologize to all users who have been looking forward to it.

 We are committed to not keeping you waiting too long and to refining the content to ensure it provides an enjoyable experience for all users.
 We ask for your patience a little longer until the release.
 We will follow up with an announcement regarding the specific release date.
 Thank you for your understanding.

・Addition of the Cosplay Reforge function
 We are adding a reforging function for Cosplay Equipment, "Cosplay Reforge".
 This feature allows for the rerolling of additional effect parameters on Cosplay Equipment.
 We have added detailed information, please check it here.

 "Cosplay Reforge" can be performed in either of the following ways:
 ① Consume experience points according to the equipment's enhancement level with mMV and "Universal fiber"
 ② Use an identical piece of equipment as material
  ※ In the case of ②, mMV and Universal fiber are not required.

 Note 1:
 "Cosplay Reforge" does not change the level or basic parameters of Cosplay Equipment.

 Note 2:
 "Universal fiber" can be created through "NFT Synthesis" at the GENSO Marketplace.
 Please check the GENSO Marketplace maintenance announcements for the synthesis recipe of Universal fiber.

・Unveiling the New MV Staking
"The Unveiling of the New MV Staking" will be delayed. It is now scheduled for around 13:00 (UTC).
 In addition to the MV staking we have been offering, we are introducing a new version of MV staking (v2.0) with different reward distribution methods and rules.
 For more details, please refer to the separate announcement to be posted.

・The unveiling of the winning entries for the 3rd UGC Contest
 The winning entries of the 3rd UGC Contest have been displayed on the contest page!
 Please take a look.

・Improvements in Email and Wallet Address Changes
 We are adding features related to changes in registered email addresses and wallet addresses.

 ◉ Changing Registered Email Address
 You will be able to change your registered email address at your discretion.
 Please enter the new email address and your current password to make the change.

 ◉ Changing Registered Wallet Address 
 We are adding a password entry for changing the wallet address.
 Operations related to the wallet address can be performed from the dedicated screen accessible by navigating to Settings > Wallet after logging in.

・Even if the session has expired at the time of login, we have made adjustments to allow for automatic login with a guest ID(iOS/Android)
 ※ Login is required only for the first time.

・We have added a prompt badge for guest account users to guide them to the account linking screen.

■Correction of the following issues:

  • In the tutorial quest "Defeat the Familiar!" the inability to exit combat has been resolved (iOS/Android).
  • Adjusted the NPC dialogue in the tutorial so that the "Yes/No" dialogues cannot be canceled with keys like ESC or Back(iOS/Android).
  • Fixed an issue where selecting "Yes" with a controller or the ESC key when accepting/reporting a quest to an NPC causes camera abnormalities (iOS/Android).
  • Fixed an issue where talking to an NPC under certain conditions stops the NPC's "walking motion."
  • Fixed an issue where playing an advertisement video from afar also plays nearby advertisement videos.
  • Fixed an issue in "Rescuing the Royals" where leaving the quest map after defeating the boss results in the party being disbanded.
  • Fixed an issue where the gauge does not disappear when an enemy's skill casting is cancelled by effects such as sleep.
  • In the "Reforge" feature for Base Equipment, there is an issue where both "the same Base Equipment" and "Mythril Ore" can be selected as materials at the same time.

We look forward to your continued support of GENSO PROJECT.

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