【GensoKishi Online × Aflac Collaboration】Give away Aflac T-shirts

【GensoKishi Online × Aflac Collaboration】Give away Aflac T-shirts

GensoKishi Online will present a special Aflac T-shirt wearable within the game to selected respondents of the survey at the Aflac Life Insurance Company booth (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo, hereinafter "Aflac").

The booth is scheduled to be renewed soon and will provide information about the new product "Hybrid Tsumitasu: Asset Formation and Protection," which will be launched on June 2.
Due to this renewal, the current content will no longer be available in GensoKishi Online, so please visit while you have the chance.

English name:Aflac T-shirt

The current survey will be conducted until late June, and a draw will be held among the applicants.

Those who have participated in previous surveys at the Aflac booth are also eligible for this draw.

※Inportant Notes※
・One entry per person.
・The Aflac T-shirt is NOT an NFT and can only be used within the GensoKishi Online.
・Aflac T-shirt has no parameters and is for visual cosplay only.
・Winner will receive the Aflac T-shirt directly in their game accounts.


[About Aflac]

Founded in 1974 with the mission of wanting to help people suffering from cancer overvome economic hardships, Aflac was the first insurance company in Japan to offer cancer insurance.
Since then, driven by its core values represented by "The Aflac Way", corporate philosophy, and brand promise, Aflac practices Corporate Social Value(CSV) management, creating shared value with society based on its purpose.

【Company Overview】
Name:Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.
Founded:November 1974
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus(Japan )
(Aflac Life Insurance Company began operarions on April 2, 2018)
Headquarters:Shinjuku Mitsui Building 2-1-1Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒163-0456
Number of locations:141 sales department/branches
Sales agents:7,647 stores(Including 359 affilliated financial institutions and Japan Post Co.,LTD)
Industry:Insurance, Human resources services
*Data as of the end of 2022

News release for "Hybrid Tsumitasu: Asset Formation and Protection": https://www.aflac.co.jp/news_pdf/20240517.pdf

(* A Japanese page will open.)


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