Update for language switching in Model Preview

Update for language switching in Model Preview

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi Online.

GENSO UGC has been steadily gaining users, and thanks to their support, approximately 400 creators are producing a diverse range of creative works with distinctive styles. Utilizing UGC creations as NFTs, around 2,000 GENSO UGC NFTs have been created, allowing for flexible utilization.

In addition to the recently announcededucational cooperation program with schools, we are accelerating efforts in the areas of "education/development", "creator support" and "monetization of creators through creativity" expanding these initiatives globally.
Responding to user requests, we have implemented language support for the GENSO UGC Model Preview, which was previously only available in English. 
Now, it also supports language displays in "Japanese" and "Traditional Chinese," actively fostering collaboration not only within the English-speaking community but also with the Japanese and Chinese-speaking communities.

■Language switching

You can switch the display language in the red circled area.
※If it does not appear, please refresh the screen or access it after clearing the cache.
※The initial display refers to the display language in GENSO MAKER.

In addition, we have made detailed version upgrades, including adding a note about "polygons with more than 5 sides not displaying correctly".

We will continue to update the content of the GENSO project, including UGC, to make it even better.


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