Releasing the GENSO Leaderboard - First Airdrops COMING SOON!!

Releasing the GENSO Leaderboard - First Airdrops COMING SOON!!

■ The GENSO Leaderboard

From May 17th, we will begin experimenting with our brand new GENSO Leaderboard. This leaderboard is created to evaluate our knight's overall activity on GENSO. This leaderboard aims to transparently demonstrate contributions towards the GENSO ecosystem and is designed as a system to give back to our contributors.

The evaluation takes into account various factors such as MV and ROND imports (including in-app purchases), MV staking, NFT purchases on the marketplace, NFT auctions, and friend referrals, etc and we convert these into contribution points.

As this ranking is currently in its experimental phase, we plan to update it approximately once a month. We will continue to consider the addition of new evaluation criterias and will keep optimizing the ranking. (We eventually hope to automate calculations and reflect rankings on a daily basis.)

Players on the ranking will receive tokens, WLs, NFTs, etc by raffle.

Please refer to this spreadsheet for the GENSO ranking.

■First Airdrop - the Borpa Token 

There are many prominent projects worldwide that highly value the GensoKishi community and its players. Among them, Borpa has been deemed outstanding by GENSO and has been selected as our ideal first airdrop.

What is Borpa?
Borpa Token is a meme token by Entangle, which has garnered attention in the industry by it's successful launch and cutting edge technology. Entangle is an infrastructure bridging EVM and non-EVM to provide multi-chain DeFi services.
Borpa Token leverages this protocol, enabling immediate bridging to any chain from its issuance. In other words, it becomes the world's first omni-chain meme token.

For more details, please refer to the English blog article

GensoKishi will airdrop $600 worth of Borpa tokens to players on the GENSO Ranking . 

For details regarding Borpa tokens, please refer to the following link.

Airdrop details
-$20 worth of tokens will be randomly airdropped to 8 players from ranks 1 to 50.
-$15 worth of tokens will be randomly airdropped to 12 players from ranks 50 to 300.
-$10 worth of tokens will be randomly airdropped to 26 players from ranks 1 to 1,000. 

※Token valuation
 FDV: $5.6M Price: $0.0056 
 Initial Market Cap: $1,433,600 
 Initial Supply: 256,000,000
 Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Eligibility Criteria
① Your wallet address must be registered among the top 1,000 on the GENSO Ranking.
② You must have linked your X account through GensoKishi online multi-account linkage.
③ You must be following Borpa's X account by the drawing date.

<How to Link Multi-Accounts>

- Launch the app and open the settings menu on the character selection screen.
- Press the account linkage button from the account menu.
- If the "X" (formerly Twitter) section shows "Not linked," please press the checkbox to link your account.
*Those who have created an Elemental Knights account with their X account are already linked.

The Prize draw will be conducted among those who meet all of these criterias at the designated time.

Draw Date:
May 19th, 21:00 (JPT)

Token Distribution Date:
June 19th (Scheduled)
*We will announce the addresses that won the raffle through our news
*We will airdrop the tokens to your connected address but on the BNB chain (scheduled) 

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