GENSO and IMPACT Featured in 2 Renowned Philippines National News Publications

GENSO and IMPACT Featured in 2 Renowned Philippines National News Publications

As Genso’s partnerships and journeys deepen along with IMPACT (Innovative Movement of the Philippines Association of Crypto Traders), we are tremendously honored to be featured in two renowned local Philippines newspaper publications, The Manila Times and BitPinas. The publicity will further help raise exposure and onboard more Filipino markets.

The articles features the astounding presence of IMPACT and GensoKishi in the Philippines, alongside a mission to educate future Filipino generations towards Web3 and mass adoption with the program called CrypTalk Education Caravan. The program entails school visits across the country with notable speakers such as Arlone Abello, widely known as Coach Miranda Miner, CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group and IMPACT Founder; Melissa Mesias, Operations Lead of ICP Hub Philippines; Steve Jimenez, IMPACT Co-Founder, zKEX Community Manager; and a representative of GensoKishi project.

The program concluded its latest series of events at the Bohol Northern Star College and the University of Bohol, where students were introduced to the world of Web3 and blockchain. A special presence during the event was made by Provincial Officer Victor Magallanes of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Bohol. The presentations involved placing GensoKishi as the epitome of a Web3 project in discussing about NFT and its use-cases, metaverse, and game.

The Manila Times has been one of the oldest existing national newspapers in the Philippines, dating back its establishment from 1898. Based on Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism's 2023 DNR, The Manila Times ranked 14th online as the top news website in the Philippines. 

BitPinas is one of the Philippines’ current leading news website for anything blockchain and crypto-related. Founded by Miguel Mislos with other co-founder and officer of YGG, the content news site was born in 2017. 

GENSO and IMPACT News Features:

1. The Manila Times News Feature

2. BitPinas News Feature

Thank you again IMPACT for the meaningful journeys that transpired, and what is yet to come! 

More milestones ahead, keep staying tuned!


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