LAND NFTs: Sales Date on GENSO Marketplace announced!

LAND NFTs: Sales Date on GENSO Marketplace announced!

We are excited to announce that we will start selling LAND NFTs on the GENSO Marketplace from January 14th, 2023. We are still working on the pricing and the number of available LAND for sale, will be announcing it once the official details are confirmed.

The sales start time is scheduled as the following:

◆ Date & Time

January 14, 2023, from 03:00 (UTC): Priority Sales for Staking Users (Staked over 22,000MV)
January 14, 2023, from 05:00 (UTC): Whitelist Winners
January 14, 2023, from 07:00 (UTC): Pre-Sale Sales

◆ Where to purchase LAND

GensoKishi Marketplace

* Please be aware that a Metamask address (Polygon) is required

◆ Number of LAND to be sold

Sales in USDT: undecided
Sales in MV: undecided

LAND will be available in both currencies.

◆ Various LAND types on sale

LAND (Size: 1x1)
This is a small-scale LAND parcel for miniature production. It can be used as housing homes, communal area for friends to gather, booths for promotional activities, studios for hosting private exhibitions, and for many other possibilities.

ESTATE(Size: 2×2 / 3×3 )
This is a medium-sized LAND parcel that allows for users to create dungeons with a slightly complex shape or a castle from an RPG game. It can be used primarily for housing or commercial purposes.

Please refer here for more information about LAND.

◆ Pricing for Pre-sale

We are currently considering the various pricing for LAND and will be announcing the details once decided.

Blockchain will be on Polygon, and the currency used will be USDT or MV.

Sale prices will vary depending on the location, so please make sure to check the actual price before purchasing.

◆ Area available for purchase

As for this 1st LAND Sale, we will sell the LAND parcels colored in green / orange / red / pink in the map below. The selling price will differ for area, so please make sure to check the sales price before you purchase. (Parcels of LAND outlined by red that are in the proximity of the GensoKishi LAND MARK will be sold at a higher price.)

◆ Importance of Location

LAND will play a very important role in the establishment of the GENSO metaverse. By using the UGC function that will be implemented in the future, LAND can be used in a variety of ways to attract other users, such as creating your own original games, forming a community, and hosting events. It can also be used as a form of advertisement, therefore an important point to consider when building out the LAND is how to attract customer traffic to the area.

With this in mind, it is important to choose the right location for LAND. LAND MARK, which is where famous companies and contents are exhibited, will be a very popular destination on its own, and therefore LAND around LAND MARK locations will be a popular location due to its easy accesibility for the general public and may also offer receive exclusive benefits (such as NFTs, etc.) from the LAND MARK owners.

At the time of the initial sale, the LAND prices around LAND MARK are 1.25 to 1.5 times higher than the regular LAND prices, and the demand for LAND may be higher depending on subsequent conditions. As there are price differences between urban and rural areas in the real world, the price range of LAND in popular areas also differs depending on the location. However, since LAND prices fluctuate according to popularity, it is also important to note that purchasing a LAND area that is likely to become popular in the future may yield higher return in investment.

◆LAND Viewer

The LAND Viewer is a tool that allows any user in the GENSO Metaverse to easily check the distribution status and details regarding the LAND they wish to see.

When considering making a purchase of a LAND property, various information such as the vacancy status or who the owners are of the surrounding area can be confirmed through the tool. LAND owners will also be able to set up their own LAND logo (thumbnail images), various information about the LAND, and can link a website of their choosing, making it possible to utilize LAND as a tool for various announcements and other commercial purposes.

When multiple adjacent LAND parcels are purchased, users can connect up to 12 x 12 LAND parcels on the LAND Viewer. However, LAND can only be connected in a square shape, not in a 1 x 2 or other non-square shape. (*The size of a single LAND does not change even if the LAND is connected and expanded. This function is only intended to make the LAND stand out when viewing on the LAND Viewer).

◆ What is LAND?

The GENSO Metaverse is structured upon LAND, where users can create their own homes (housing), allowing them to create and express their individual personalties with the UGC function. For example, you can create your own original GensoKishi Online map as part of the game, position monsters and item drops, and participate actively in the game as if you were part of the game's admins. You can also set an admission fee to your own land, and by making your LAND attractive, many people will visit and therefore can earn revenue.

Thank you for your continued support of the GensoKishi Project.

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