【Feb, 8th】Announcement of Creator Sandbox Environment Maintenance

【Feb, 8th】Announcement of Creator Sandbox Environment Maintenance

Thank you for always using GENSO PROJECT.

We will be conducting maintenance on the Creator Sandbox environment (hereafter referred to as the CS environment) from 5:00 to 9:00(UTC) on February 8, 2024. Please be aware that the CS environment will not be available during the maintenance period.

Maintenance Details

■The following changes will be made regarding the prerequisite conditions for Skill Release Quests:
- The quests will now only be available to characters that are level 28 or above.
- The quest materials will be items that cannot be exported as NFTs.

■Implementation of balance adjustments for skills that can be learned from skill release quests.
For details, please check the spreadsheet here.
Note: Changes may be made to skills listed after row 30 in the spreadsheet if adjustments are completed before the maintenance tomorrow.

■Re-adjustment of drop rates for quest items used in skill release quests.
Due to the difficulty in collecting 'Millennium Cheese' and 'Bloody Rum', we will re-adjust the monsters that drop these items. For details on the adjustments, please check the spreadsheet here.

■Addition of left-hand SR equipment for Drag jobs to the monster drops in 'Brutality Tower, Grey Wing Tower'.
In addition to this implementation, in the CS environment, you will be able to purchase and test this equipment at the Dragon Coin Shop. For details on the equipment's performance, please check the spreadsheet here.

■Revising the skill cancel method and adding a skill cancel button.
Previously, we changed the specification so that using the same skill during casting would cancel the skill partway through. However, we received feedback that this implementation was inconvenient for those who frequently use certain skills. Therefore, we have implemented a button to cancel skills during casting.

■Addition of expressions for when party members are disconnected.
The status display of the disconnected player's party member will be changed to semi-transparent.

■Changes to the minimap display specifications.
Previously, monsters were indicated in red and players in blue on the minimap. We have changed this to make both red and blue blink when a monster and a player are in the same location to indicate their presence.

■Review and adjustment of drop settings for some monsters that are quest targets.
To avoid competition between players hunting for quest objectives and those hunting normally, we will separate monsters into those that only drop quest items and those that only drop other items (including cash items) for the relevant quests.

Target Monsters and Locations
Location:Dragon's Jowl (near entrance)
Quest Monster: Gundal Ogre
Additional Monster: Gudale Ogre

Location: Mt. Arroz (near entrance)
Quest Monster: Mime Puyon
Additional Monster: Puyon Frost

Location: Eltos Rampart
Quest Monster: Ritual Basser
Additional Monster: Tual Basser

  • Quest Monsters will only drop quest items.
  • Additional Monsters will be placed a little away from the quest monsters.
  • And drop items previously held by quest monsters (including cash items).
  • Will be a different color from the quest monsters.

Fixes for the following bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where error messages were appearing in some of the shared warehouse and interdimensional warehouse NPC messages in English and Traditional Chinese. 
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting on the 5th floor of the Dragon Tower and then reconnecting would prevent normal completion of the Dragon Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where Frey's LR Cosplay Equipment "Frey's Halberd" was increasing attack speed instead of evasion.

We appreciate your continued support of GENSO PROJECT.