GensoKishi Collaboration Event on the Jan-Navi Mahjong App!!

GensoKishi Collaboration Event on the Jan-Navi Mahjong App!!

We are excited to announce that a collaboration event will be held in the mahjong app "Jan-Navi Mahjong Online" (Jan-Navi)!!

The event title is ... "Showdown! Dark Dragon Gargantis."

This is Jan-Navi's "Raid Event" - by playing mahjong matches, players can defeat the so-called "raid boss" and compete for the number of raid points they can earn.

In the "GensoKishi Online Collaboration Gacha" linked to the event, the SR and R cosplay equipment from GensoKishi will be available, and SR cosplay equipment will also appear in the Golden Gacha.

My Character Gacha: This gacha offers items that can be worn by your avatar character in Jan-Navi. "My Character" refers to the avatar character representing you in Jan-Navi. Some items have effects that significantly increase the points earned in events when equipped by your avatar. In the "GensoKishi Online Collaboration Gacha," you can obtain My Character items that exhibit their effects during this collaboration event!
Golden Gacha: This gacha provides winning animations. These animations can be set to display when you win in the game.
You can check out the Gensokishi collaboration Victory Animation in this video!

Familiar monsters from GensoKishi will appear as the "bosses."

And if you rank high in the event leaderboard, you can win an Elemental Alvi costume or a Dark Dragon Gargantis trophy!
※ The Alvi costume and Gargantis trophy are items that can be worn by your avatar in Jan-Navi.

For those who are interested but don't know how to play mahjong, Jan-Navi also offers an app for beginners. Take this opportunity to try out!!

▼Jan-Navi Mahjong Online(Language:Japanese, Chinese)
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Collaboration Raid Event "Showdown! Dark Dragon Gargantis"

This is a raid event where you form a team with two other members. By becoming friends on Jan-Navi, players of GensoKishi can also form teams together.

Entry Period: June 10 Monday 15:00 (JST) to June 12 Wednesday 12:00 (JST)
Event Period: June 13 Thursday to June 23 Sunday 23:59 (JST)

Note: To participate in the collaboration event, you need to enter! Please be sure to log in to Jan-Navi and enter the event within the entry period shown above!
Note: You cannot participate in the collaboration event from the mahjong tables in Elrond Mall within GensoKishi. Please download the JAN-NAVI app separately to join.

【How to Enter】
1. Download Jan-Navi (iOS/Android version) / Register as a member on Jan-Navi (PC version)
Once the entry period begins, you can enter from the event page. Tap "Event" at the bottom of the screen
3. Tap "Go to Entry Page"
4. Tap "Participate" from the event page
5. Entry is complete!

【How to Play the Event】
1. Play matches in Free Match or Ranked Match to earn attack points.
(Items obtained from My Character Gacha increase these attack points when equipped on your character!)
2. Spend the earned attack points to attack the boss!
3. Defeat the boss to earn raid points.
4. Depending on the number of raid points acquired, you can claim rewards!

<Event Details>

  • There are a total of 8 rarities for the bosses.
  • At the beginning of the event, the boss with the lowest rarity (N (Normal)) is already summoned. Upon defeating this boss, the "Summon" function is unlocked, allowing you to summon a new boss at any time from the event page.
  • The higher the rarity of the boss, the lower the probability of summoning, but you can earn a large number of event points when you defeat them!
  • Earn attack points by playing matches, defeat the summoned boss, then summon a new boss to earn more raid points!
  • Six bosses will appear in the first half of the event, and two more bosses of higher rarity will be added in the second half. Stay tuned for more excitement!

■What is Jan-Navi Mahjong Online 
 "Jan-Navi Mahjong Online" is an online mahjong community game celebrating its 19th anniversary this year. It began its service in 2004 and boasts a cumulative membership of over 5.7 million people. It is compatible with multiple platforms, allowing players to compete with others nationwide. Furthermore, it is linked with GensoKishi Online's MV Token, allowing players to earn NFTs by playing mahjong in MV, providing enjoyment as a Play-to-Earn mahjong experience.

1. Diverse modes to meet various mahjong needs.
2. Compatible with all play environments (iOS/Android, PC, Nintendo Switch™, Amazon FireTV).
3. Enjoy mahjong life with friends in the community.
4. Play directly against professional mahjong players every day.
5. Abundant content volume that you won't tire of exploring.

▼Mahjong App for Beginners: "Try! Mahjong Introduction"(Japanese)
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