【GensoKishi Online × Aflac】Notice of Aflac Cap Distribution

【GensoKishi Online × Aflac】Notice of Aflac Cap Distribution

Thank you for always playing GensoKihi Online.

Regarding the survey conducted at the recently opened Aflac booth, we sincerely thank everyone who participated.

As a big thank you, we've conducted a special draw among those who took part in the survey, and Aflac caps are on their way to the 50 lucky winners' accounts! 

Item name:Aflac Cap

We are directly distributing the Aflac Caps to the characters you specified in the survey questions.
When you log in with the relevant character, a popup will appear, allowing you to receive it directly.

※Important notes※
・The Aflac Cap is NOT an NFT and can only be used within the GensoKishi Online.
・Aflac Cap has no parameters and is for visual cosplay only.
・If your inventory has reached its maximum capacity, you won't be able to receive it immediately. Please organize your items. You can receive it again upon logging in later.
・Aflac Cap can be stored in the warehouse. If you unintentionally received it on a character and want to transfer it to another character, please store it in the warehouse and proceed with the transfer.
Collection Period:From February 2, 2024 Friday to February 16, Friday 23:59(UTC)
After the collection period, even if you have won, you will no longer be able to receive the Aflac Cap. Please make sure to log in with the character you specified in the survey during the collection period.
・The announcement of the winners will be made upon the distribution of the Aflac Caps.

Furthermore, we will be conducting surveys in February and March, with monthly lotteries from the pool of applicants. If you haven't visited yet, please consider stopping by the Aflac booth.

※Please note that each individual is allowed to apply only once. We appreciate your understanding in advance.


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